World Bank funds training in Nigeria with the Renewable Energy Institute

World Bank Training Nigeria with REI Lecturer
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The Renewable Energy Institute (REI), European Centre of Technology (ECT) and Centro Studi Galileo (CSG) directed a successful training course together, funded by the World Bank and attended by representatives from the Transmission Company of Nigeria and its affiliate partners. The course in Lagos focused on the financial side of Renewable Energy, discussing the latest developments and international aspects of Carbon Finance. One of the REI-ECT-CSG’s most experienced Experts, Douglas Prentice, delivered the course in Nigeria and engaged with the delegates. The REI-ECT-CSG’s university lecturer has a great deal of theoretical knowledge and more than 20 years of practical experience in developing Renewable Energy projects as well as securing finance for them. The lecturer explained his teaching goals and experience of the course: “The course was about assisting companies in Nigeria to understand and prepare for the economic consequences of climate change. Specifically, there was extensive discussion of the Nigerian Paris Accord INDC and the targets from that which were of relevance to the group: hydro, off-grid solar, agriculture and public sector transport.” “The group left with specific ideas of how they and their companies could best prepare for the coming implementation of the Nigerian INDC. The 17 delegates on the course, who attended from organisations in both the public and private sector, responded very well to the teaching, enjoying the content which had been tailored to their organisational needs.”

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Pamela Gold praised the course content explaining “The topics covered exceeded my expectations and professional needs.” Anas Kyari explained that the course will benefit him in his work: “The knowledge acquired will enable me to prepare projects that will attract financing for carbon reduction.” As with all of the REI-ECT-CSG’s bespoke courses which take place worldwide, the training included the opportunity for each of the participants to take the Exam, to achieve the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC). The GMC has earned the reputation as a renowned and authoritative certificate in the global sustainability sector, due to the collaboration between GMC providers, major universities, renowned authorities, Governments, the United Nations and leading industry experts for more than 40 years. Paolo Buoni, the Director of the REI-ECT, reflected on the course: “I am glad that the REI-ECT-CSG’s recent course in Nigeria was a success. The REI-ECT-CSG is always pleased to offer and organise bespoke courses to organisations looking for more information in aspects of Renewable Energy, Engineering, Management and Finance. The REI-ECT-CSG is currently at the forefront of the sector, leading by example and promoting best practices to organisations and individuals worldwide.”

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