Why Enrol Your Team in Renewable Energy Training?

Renewable Energy training

Corporate team Renewable Energy training can boost morale and has a positive effect on your business. What’s more, corporate training can help you close the growing skills gap that arises as the environment in your industry shifts. This is certainly relevant in Renewable Energy, with its constantly-evolving technology and changes in global legislation. There are new skills and information to be learned all the time to stay up to date in the sector.

Since 1975 the REI has trained tens of thousands of technicians, professionals and personnel every year from small to large organisations, such as the World Bank, IBM, the UN Sustainable Development Committee, Panasonic, Ford Motor Company, Hilton International Hotels, the BBC, and many more.

There are many brilliant reasons to choose corporate team Renewable Energy training. Read on for our top 5:

Close the Skills Gap

According to the Global Energy Talent Index, 80% of hiring managers [1] have highlighted the skills gap as one of the key challenges faced in the Renewables sector. Countries globally are facing mounting pressure to reach ambitious 2050 targets. As a result, worldwide Renewable Energy projects are expanding rapidly. Trained personnel with up-to-date knowledge are needed at a greater rate than ever before

As the Renewable Energy industry expands, it is diversifying into new and exciting technologies. From consultancy to engineering, there is a significant demand for individuals with the training to plan, implement or assess Renewable projects. The issue is, with the industry moving at such a fast pace, it is becoming increasingly difficult to close this skills gap with current graduate rates. However, up to 59% of employers in the renewable energy industry believe they can overcome the skills gap with additional training and development [1].

Corporate Renewables training does just this. Putting your team through expert-led training programmes taught by industry professionals can develop their knowledge to a point where they are fully up to date with the latest in Renewable technologies and management. Supporting your team’s professional development allows your business to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to this rapidly developing industry.

Increase Retention

Data suggests that 40% of employees are more likely to leave their job within the first year of employment where there is poor training. Conversely, this number drops to 12% when employees are given excellent training opportunities [2]. 22% of respondents surveyed saw training and development as a valued benefit and 52% of them stated that the opportunity for career progression is an attractive prospect in an employer [3]. Corporate training clearly has a significantly positive relationship to retention, which is key to an organisation’s success. With bespoke, expert-led training that centres on interaction and discussion, your team is more likely to feel confident in their role and keen to work on new projects. This, in turn, makes them more likely to stay in the long run and foster positive feelings around your workplace.

Team meeting

Increase Productivity

When your team is empowered to take on accredited training, they will learn vital skills that are relevant to their existing job. Not only will they feel more knowledgeable in the chosen subject area, but they will have the confidence to make decisions based on their learning. According to Haiilo, “only 29% of employees are happy with career advancement opportunities”[4]. Clearly, more can be done to encourage job satisfaction. As it’s well known that a happy team is a productive team, it’s vital that employers take the time to invest in solid professional development to keep their teams engaged at work and striving towards goals.

For this reason, deciding to enrol your team in effective, bespoke corporate training can produce an excellent return on investment. Investing in training in the short term leads to increased satisfaction within your team, and the skills they learn will undoubtedly be used to drive successful projects.

Improve Working Relationships

51% of people feel disengaged due to a lack of a supportive environment at work [5]. Investing in group-centred training can alleviate this issue by encouraging your team to engage and work together through learning. The REI’s award-winning courses can be tailored to the specific needs of teams, including high levels of instructor-participant engagement

Team training

Deliver Exciting New Renewable Energy Projects

Providing your team with training in Renewable Energy subjects will allow them to expand on their existing knowledge and learn outside their individual specialisations. As a team, they will have the opportunity to learn about various Renewable Energy technologies that will enable them to take on and deliver new projects. From low-carbon efforts to financial modelling, these skills can transform your team and take them from strength to strength

For example, Nottingham City Council used its team training to bridge the gap in the development of a large-scale project. They created a financial model learned on the bespoke REI Renewable Energy and Finance course to help them execute this project and deliver to a high standard.

“The energy project finance element of the course, which was the main focus, was fantastic. The team were applying the knowledge learned before the course was even over and it is having a really positive impact on the project development process.”

Midlands Energy Hub, Nottingham City Council, Michael Gallagher


Investing in corporate team Renewable Energy training can benefit your business in many ways.

Learning from trained experts with years of experience in the subject area, your team can drive a competitive advantage by staying ahead of the curve when it comes to Renewable Technologies. Improve your team’s relationships, increase job satisfaction and retention, and learn vital skills to bolster your projects – all from the comfort of home or the office. 

To find out how you can book your team onto Accredited Renewable Energy courses, download our corporate brochure here.

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