What is the Galileo Master Certificate?

Achieve the Galileo Master Certificate and progress your career.

The Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) is an internationally recognised certification designed to demonstrate your theoretical and practical knowledge of renewable energy. Participants who take one of the Renewable Energy Institute’s expert-led professional development courses and pass the related GMC exam will receive a Galileo Master Certificate.

The certificate has been used by thousands of individuals from across the globe as important evidence of their training. The GMC provides a gateway to a career in renewable energy. Whether it’s an individual taking the first step towards their renewable energy career, or a professional looking to make an industry switch, the GMC is solid proof of that person’s capabilities. What’s more, the GMC is awarded to those looking to upskill in their current role as proof of their professional development. This makes it suitable for corporate teams looking to undertake bespoke training.

Benefits of the Galileo Master Certificate

There are several key benefits to achieving the Galileo Master Certificate that set it apart from other industry certifications:

  • The certificate is internationally recognised across a wide range of sectors, from renewable and green energy to business and engineering.
  • The certificate can be used to apply for further training and qualifications*
  • The GMC is only awarded to those who successfully complete specific REI training courses. These courses are provided in conjunction with United Nations (UNEP) and major universities worldwide to ensure the latest in expert knowledge for every course.
  • It has been awarded to high-profile companies such as Coca Cola, Tesco, the BBC, Ford, and the World Bank, to name just a few.
  • Earning one GMC qualifies you to complete an accredited Expert Certificate for even further professional development.
  • GMC achievers are granted exclusive access to our GMC network, where they can connect with other individuals in the industry to share knowledge and opportunities.
Renewable Energy Jobs
The GMC is a gateway to many renewable energy jobs, including engineering, consulting, and project management.

How can I earn the Galileo Master Certificate?

The Renewable Energy Institute prides itself on providing accredited, expert-led courses that are suitable for any stage of your professional journey. Courses are designed to welcome participants of all knowledge levels. Each course starts from the basics and works up to ensure a well-rounded understanding of the subject area. 

To earn your Galileo Master Certificate, simply register for any of our award-winning training courses. Each course is roughly 20-30 CPD hours. Once this is completed and you pass the exam for the Galileo Master Certificate, you will be awarded a digital copy of your certificate and the associated logo. 

How can I use my Galileo Master Certificate?

Your GMC can be added to your CV for job applications and added to the “Qualifications” section of your LinkedIn profile for prospective recruiters and industry contacts to see. The GMC logo can be used across your professional social networks and email signatures to display your knowledge and expertise in renewable energy to a wider group of contacts.

Click here to view the full course list and get started on your GMC journey today: www.renewableinstitute.org/training

For further professional development, achieve 13 GMCs to become a Master in Renewable Energy. Find out more here: https://www.renewableinstitute.org/training/accredited-master-in-renewable-energy-award/

*at the discretion of the course provider – we cannot guarantee that you will be accepted for any external courses as a result of the GMC.