US Focus: Renowned Renewable Energy course made available online

How does the US Renewable Energy industry work, who are the key players, and how can you successfully plan and finance a Renewable Energy project in your state or city?

The REI’s acclaimed US Renewable Energy Market Trends and Finance classroom course is now available to study flexibly online from home, giving participants cutting-edge information on the US Power market and sustainable energy.

In response to the recent increase in demand for online & Distance Learning Renewable Energy knowledge, the REI Accredited Center has launched the online US Renewable Energy Market Trends and Finance course, based on the equivalent classroom course held in both New York City and at The George Washington University in Washington D.C.

With previous participants from organizations such as the World Bank, the National Grid, New York Mayor’s Office for Sustainability, BlackRock, and the Nature Conservancy among others, the REI’s US Renewable Energy Market Trends and Finance course is unique in bringing together the latest knowledge in Renewable Energy, Project Management, and Finance with a specific focus on the US industry.

The US Renewable Energy Market Trends and Finance course expands on the REI Accredited Center’s existing program of distance learning Renewable Energy courses; and builds on the REI Accredited Center’s 40 years of experience in the Renewable Energy industry around the globe, working with the United Nations – UNEP and other major organizations to promote best practice in the Renewable Energy sector.

“I gained a lot of knowledge specifically in the areas of new energy technology, market trends in both renewable and traditional energy, and policy factors impacting renewable energy adoption. Overall, the course provided me with information that I’ll be able to apply to the decisions I make with regard to the procurement of renewable energy.”

BNY Mellon, Nancy Jones – past participant
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Renewable Energy: Powering the US & Powering Up Careers

With green energy employment already exceeding the amount of jobs related to the fossil fuel industry, the United States is shifting towards a future of being entirely powered by green energy. The REI’s US Renewable Energy Market Trends and Finance course discusses where potential for new investments lie, depending on geographical location as well as the capacity of the energy infrastructure. Using financial models and applying them to recent case studies, the course covers how to recognize the strengths of a variety of Green Energy sources and sustainable technologies including Solar PowerWind PowerWave and Hydro Power, and Energy Storage, and how to assess their capacity. On a project management level, the course examines which factors to consider when starting a Renewable Energy project, and how to enter into partnerships and agreements with utilities. The course also provides information on the range of funding schemes and government incentive plans available on a federal and state level.

“The instructor had a truly impressive resume, immediately demonstrated his knowledge in the field, and was able to keep our engagement. Also, many of the other participants were pretty engaged so it made for a lively and fun discussion.”

The Clinton Foundation, Kyle Coulam – past participant
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Learning from an Expert

The Renewable Energy Market Trends and Finance lecturer is a Senior Director in the Energy & Utilities Department of a leading NYC consultancy firm. He has more than 30 years of experience as an executive, consultant, and educator, and an exemplary track record for applying business and technology expertise to address the needs of an industry in transformation. Among other responsibilities, he works with utilities, independent power and distributed energy generators, and state agencies to help plan their response to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) preliminary rules requiring states to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent or more by 2030. He has previously worked with the Long Island Power Authority and the US Department of Energy.

“I am seeking to break out into the larger sustainability sector rather than focusing purely on energy efficiency. The content covered during the course and the contacts I made will come in handy for this purpose.”

NY Power Authority, Jason Bocchinfuso – past participant
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As the US energy market is changing, there is a high demand for professionals across all fields with knowledge in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology. The Renewable Energy Market Trends and Finance course equips professionals with essential knowledge in order to make informed decisions to formulate and realize successful sustainability plans.

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