University of British Columbia Partners With Powertech Labs for ‘First of Its Kind’ Hydrogen Fuelling Station

Canada is making significant steps towards its net zero pledge, with the University of British Columbia revealing plans for a $23 million facility that will be dedicated to advancing hydrogen infrastructure and renewable energy research. The project, called the Smart Hydrogen Energy District (SHED), will produce hydrogen using solar and hydropower to operate a water electrolyser, making it a completely green and renewable process. This major development showcases hydrogen’s pivotal role in achieving a sustainable, low-carbon future for Canada.

Jovan Ceklic, Director of Hydrogen Infrastructure at Powertech Labs, highlighted the importance of this project, stating “Powertech Labs is excited to have partnered with the University of British Columbia to bring one of the first-of-its-kind truly green hydrogen stations. With an on-site electrolyser powered by solar power and support from BC Hydro’s green energy grid, the UBC station produces some of the cleanest hydrogen on the market.”

Powertech has over 2 decades of experience in the hydrogen industry, deploying over 90% of the installed hydrogen fuelling stations in Canada, along with the country’s further investments in the hydrogen sector as outlined in its Hydrogen Strategy. By 2050, it is expected that clean hydrogen will produce up to 30% of Canada’s end-use energy.

Canada isn’t the only country with such a focus on hydrogen production, the global hydrogen market is expected to grow remarkably in the coming years and it is estimated to be able to cover 50% of the volume needed to meet the global net zero emissions goal.

With interest in hydrogen specifically booming in Canada, it is hoped that SHED will inspire other clean energy innovators and its launch represents a pivotal step in the evolution of hydrogen infrastructure and renewable energy research, putting British Columbia at the forefront of the global energy transition.

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