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The Renewable Energy Institute is an Accredited Centre and Provider of Renewable Energy Qualifications

Training courses based on the European Project EMTEU – Energy Management Technician in Europe


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Energy Training Courses Available Online or in the Classroom:

REI - Supported by leading universities“…training providers such as the Renewable Energy Institute is what we need.”

Extract from United Nations – UNEP Press Release

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Obtain the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (participants have to pass the course exam).

Obtain the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (participants have to pass the course exam).

Gain a strong competitive advantage when starting a career in the green job market.

Join the 5000 participants who attend every year training courses and seminars.

Access 36 years of experience in renewable energy.

Learning through leading recognised experts in each of the major fields of renewable energy, providing a very high standard of teaching within the sector.

Up to 5000 technicians succeed in obtaining our Certificate annually, with the knowledge that it is the gateway to a career in the Renewable Energy sector. Find out more details about how to succeed in the Renewable Energy industry.

All individuals who succeed in gaining the Galileo Master Certificate are recognised as having both the theoretical and practical skills to be a quality technician.