The Renewable Energy Institute’s partnership with Innovation Zero

Renewable Energy Institute Innovation Zero

The Renewable Energy Institute is proud to announce its latest partnership with Innovation Zero.

Innovation Zero is the UK’s largest event to accelerate business action towards net zero commitments. The event will welcome UK innovators across 7 industry sectors, showcasing breakthrough developments in the technologies needed to decarbonise our economy. 7,000 policymakers, funders, investors and corporates looking to deploy and implement low-carbon solutions will attend. Join us at this 2-day Innovation Zero congress running from 24th – 25th May 2023 at Olympia, London. Hear over 200 leading industry speakers and panelists share their invaluable knowledge and experience to inspire us all to combat climate change through innovation.

“Promoting knowledge-sharing and best practice in renewable energy and energy efficiency with leading universities and the United Nations (UNEP) through professional training courses, qualifications, conferences, publications, European projects, global partnerships, membership programmes and the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate.”

Paolo Buoni

CEO, Renewable Energy Institute

Renewable Energy Institute Innovation Zero

The Renewable Energy Institute is passionate about promoting best practice and knowledge-sharing in renewable energy and energy efficiency topics through our accredited courses and Membership Programme. We have partnered with Innovation Zero to ensure trained personnel are updated with the latest technologies to pursue future opportunities.

The Innovation Zero Event

The energy trilemma (as featured in the REI’s new course Global Energy Transition), global geopolitics and current supply crunch have created a laser-like focus on the need for innovation to lead the U.K. into a new era of energy sovereignty, security & sustainability.

There is a need to develop all 3 simultaneously by decarbonising existing production, rapidly scaling new energy sources and quickly deploying innovative technologies in renewables, hydrogen, storage and energy efficiency. With the right blend of policy stimulus, investment and innovation, the U.K. is uniquely placed to demonstrate global leadership in these new energy paradigms.

The REI’s accredited courses are designed to help those interested in renewable energy by providing teaching materials designed to inform participants how to succeed in the renewable energy industry. By taking part in the event, the REI’s participants will have the chance to hear from the most important players within the energy sector for impactful discussions and innovation showcases. Our partnership with Innovation Zero gives our participants the opportunity to register for a complimentary pass. Register here.

Hear from and network with senior executives from:

  • Producers of primary energy
  • Procurers, purchasers & off-takers of electricity
  • Directors of energy management, sustainability, net zero & energy transition
  • Technology providers & innovators for the energy system
  • Investors
  • Advisors/Dealmakers/Lawyers

We have outlined key sessions at Innovation Zero which we think will be of particular interest to REI participants:

Financing the Transition

A critical challenge is unlocking the vast quantity of capital required to enable the transition to a zero-carbon economy. How is the finance sector working to align capital with net zero outcomes? How will the sector enable clean economic growth and job creation? Hear from leading investors, lenders and finance sector leaders as they share their progress in enabling the transformation and their views on the opportunities being created. To get a kickstart in this area, learn more about renewable energy financing with the Carbon Finance Consultant Expert Certificate.

Secure & Sustainable

Creating an energy system that is both secure and sustainable and offers low carbon solutions at both a national and local/municipal/household level requires huge technological innovation to knit together. How can this be scaled up quickly and where do technology/supply chain/investment gaps need filling?

US Perspective

Hear first-hand perspectives from the US government in regard to their current and near-term priorities for the low-carbon transition. What are the priorities for international engagement? Where are the opportunities for international investors and innovators in the US market? What does the Inflation Reduction Act mean for non-US parties? The REI provides US-specific content in the Renewable Energy Market Trends and Finance course.

The Hydrogen Debate

Is green hydrogen the only viable pathway to decarbonise industry? How does it affect the hard-to-abate sectors? Addressing the promises and challenges of green hydrogen for industrial usage, this debate will sort fact from fiction. Learn more about hydrogen energy with the Hydrogen Energy Consultant Expert Certificate.

Visit the Innovation Zero website for a full programme of events.

The Renewable Energy Institute

The Renewable Energy Institute has been running training courses since 1975 and has a wealth of experience in education for the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. The teaching materials are designed to inform participants how to succeed in the renewable energy industry. The Renewable Energy Institute is an independent professional body that trains around 5000 individuals a year across the world. Participants benefit from the practical and theoretical knowledge of a range of renewable energy and energy efficiency systems, taught by university professors and leading experts in their field with more than 30 years of experience. Our Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award is designed to give participants an extensive knowledge base on which to build a career in renewable energy.

Our partnership with InnovationZero gives our participants the opportunity to register for a complimentary pass. To hear from the industry’s leading speakers during a 2-day world-class programme, register here.