What is the future for London’s Renewable Energy Investment sector, following the election results?

What is the future for London’s Renewable Energy Investment sector, following the election results? 

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Following calls from renewable energy professionals and demands from the industry itself, the EEC hosts the Renewable Energy Management and Finance training course in London.

Despite nearly all expectations, the UK now has a one-party majority government following the election. However, renewable energy investments and policies look set to be influenced heavily by external events, rather than what was set out in the Conservative party manifesto. According to the experts there will be many opportunities for investments in renewable energy and therefore it is now more important than ever before that decision-makers are prepared and ready to invest in the clean energy market.

Decision-makers require the sufficient knowledge to make informed and unbiased decisions regarding such investment. Understanding the financial aspects of renewable energy projects is important for professionals who need to evaluate the benefits of adopting renewable energy technology in the long term.

The European Energy Centre (EEC) carried out a consultation at the end of 2014 in order to collect data on areas of interest for education in 2015, both in terms of topic and location. The consultation was directed at professionals across a broad range of sectors in the Renewable Energy Industry from 72 countries worldwide.

From the consultation, the most popular training topic that individuals require to study in 2015 is Renewable Energy Management and Finance, which has increased even further in popularity as businesses become aware of the need to switch to renewable sources of power.

Due to the demand for the course from professionals worldwide, the Renewable Energy Management and Finance course will be offered in two financial capitals of the UK during the first two quarters of 2015. For the benefit of participants worldwide and its status as a global financial hub, the next Renewable Energy Management and Finance course will be taking place in London.

In order to respond to the needs of the London financial sector, the training has been designed as a 2 day short intensive course for busy professionals. The course is delivered by a financial expert from the City who has over 20 years of experience financing renewable energy projects and can advise on current government policies and available support schemes. The teaching will be supported by the use of international project case studies in order to implement the teaching in real-life situations.


The EEC is an independent educational body which has been in operation since 1975. The EEC promotes best practice in renewable energy and energy efficiency through training courses and conferences with the United Nations (UNEP), intergovernmental organisations and 21 universities across Europe.

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