The REI supports the Turing Trust, using Solar to bring technology to remote areas of Ghana

The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) is pleased to work with the Turing Trust in supporting its mission and activities worldwide.

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Empowering Students to improve their EducationTuring Trust PhotosWhat is the Turing Trust? The Turing Trust is a UK based sustainable development charity, which makes people more employable by bringing transformative technologies to those that need it most. Our work is predominantly based in Ghana, and the schools we work with lack the learning resources we take for granted. This limits their potential, and we are changing this by giving the appropriate technologies to young learners giving them the power to shape their own futures. What has the Turing Trust done? The Turing Trust provides the resources to install computer labs, and thus far we have donated and installed over £100,000 of IT equipment to rural schools. We’ve also installed low power Raspberry Pi computer labs, and plan to combine these labs with solar power to reach the most remote areas of Africa. We’ve sponsored hundreds of students through their education and built several school buildings, and are on our way to making Ghana’s future young generation more employable. The Renewable Energy Institute has been very interested to learn about the work of the Turing Trust and is pleased to lend its support to the Trust and its mission.How can you help? We are looking for maximum exposure across the world of renewable energy, in the hope of securing valuable expertise and funding for our future Solar powered projects. We are developing a program which will teach our students undertaking courses in construction, science and electrical engineering how to modify a used shipping container into a low-power high-tech self sustainable solar powered classroom. Solar energy is the future of Ghana’s economy and infrastructure, our students are be ready to become part of this, and we just need your help. If our focus on education and solar energy interests you, we urge you to get in touch by emailing us at We would love to work with any interested partners or patrons. More broadly speaking, we urge you to contact us if sponsoring students or donating unused technology is something that interests you too – you have the power change an individual’s life and unleash someone’s full potential.

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The Alan Turing Connection: Trust was set up by James Turing, the great nephew of Alan Turing, to keep Alan’s legacy alive across the world. Alan once said that ‘we can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.’ Today the Trust echoes those words by bringing the benefits of the digital age through sustainable methods to rural African communities.

If you would like to support the Turing Trust with a small donation, please click here