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Achievers of the Galileo Master Certificate and attendees of the REI Approved training courses include individuals from the following organisations:

Testimonials from the REITestimonials from the REI

REI Partners

The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) has been running training courses since 1975, gathering a wealth of experience in education for the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.

The professional renewable energy and energy efficiency training courses run in collaboration with leading European and International Universities.

Participants benefit from the practical and theoretical knowledge of a range of renewable energy and energy efficiency systems, taught by University professors and leading experts in their field with more than 30 years of expertise.

The REI Accredited Centre is an Independent Professional Body and trains around 5000 individuals a year in over 300 training courses at 21 universities across Europe.

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Testimonials from the REI
Achievers of the Galileo Master Certificate and attendees of the REI Approved training courses include:

Google, National Grid, Oxfam GB, EDF Energy, Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), E.On, Energy Saving Trust, Ricardo AEA, British Gas, Cambridge University, Environment Agency, Amazon, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), PepsiCo, Carter Jonas, Heriot-Watt University, Heineken, Ministry of Health (Malaysia), UN Sustainable Development Committee, Changeworks, Direct Energy, MET Office, National Water and Electricity Company Ltd (the Gambia), Deutsche Bank, St Andrews University, IBM, HM Forces, Scottish Government, KPMG, Shell, Royal Navy, University of Dundee, Greater London Authority, NHS Tayside, Department for International Development, PSEG, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (Nigeria), Aecom, World Bank, United States Department of Energy, Allianz Insurance (Japan), Ford Motor Company, Transmission Company of Nigeria, BBC, US Environmental Protection Agency, HSBC, Müller, Marks & Spencer, Friends of the Earth, BNY Mellon, North American Development Bank, Vodafone, LEGO, United Nations Development Programme – UNDP, Scottish Enterprise, European Investment Bank.



The MET Office

“I gained a much greater knowledge about the principles of sustainable design and the finance mechanisms available to implement a scheme. The knowledge will help me identify opportunities for my company to engage our clients at new points in project lifecycles.”

Marc David

World Bank

“The sound technical knowledge and experience of the lecturer guided me through the components, technology, factors, drivers and forecasts of the market.”

Sandrine Boukerche


“The Renewable Energy Institute has a proven track record for providing Accredited Education in the field of Renewable Energy.

I gained valuable skills in Renewable Energy Finance and planning from my course and I have additional classes scheduled in order to acquire more training and skills. My employer has a 100% Renewables goal by 2020 and I want to have the skills and education to be ready for the next challenge in my career.”

Taslim Abdul-Salam

Training Course and Participant Certificates


“The topics covered met my professional needs and provided a detailed course on Electric Vehicles.”

Sathish Sethuraman, Electric Vehicles Participant

BNY Mellon

“The course covered market trends and project finance, which was extremely helpful.”

Nancy Jones


“The course increased my detailed knowledge of technical aspects of PV. It will be useful to provide insights to colleagues developing PV systems in the company.”

Diego Mora


“I gained a good understanding of wind energy generation and related topics. My work involves assessment of wind projects from a financial perspective. This course will help me in this area.”

Lin Gao


“Solid technical expertise is a fundamental pre-requisite of Coca-Cola HBC Italy. In particular, Coca-Cola HBC Italy has taken advantage of CSG-REI’s expertise in order to develop its technical personnel. The cooperation with CSG-REI has, and will continue to keep allowing us to ensure our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable in the field of new refrigeration technologies.

Over several years of working together, we have been impressed with CSG-REI’s ability to provide courses designed and customised for our firm’s needs, facilitated by academic experts in the field and all carried out within our own premises in order to ease the logistical pressures that training personnel on this scale often brings.

CSG-REI has certified our courses by providing all participants with a certificate of completion.”

Coca Cola HBC Italy


“I gained a good background to all renewable technologies, and there were good real world examples included in the course.”

Andrew McMullen, LEGO

Siemens Gamesa

“The speakers on the course were very experienced and knowledgeable. I’ve improved my skills in Project Finance on the course.”

Giorgo Papantonis

UN Sustainable Development Committee

“The course has given me valuable insight into the solar arena with first-hand knowledge, statistics and data relevant to the industry. The Professor gave plenty of time for us to ask questions about each item.”

Xavier Vergara

Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

“Excellent course material and knowledgeable tutor.”

Lawrence Avery, UK Head of Clean Technology Fund

UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

“The course covered a good balance of breadth and depth in various types of renewable energy technologies…The course tutor is clearly an expert with detailed insight into the sector.”

Fraser Macleod, Principal Research Officer

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

“I would like to underline the instructors’ high level of preparation, alongside their good spirit of collaboration, dedication, flexibility and professionalism”

Mrs. Lorenza Vecchio, Civilian Human Resources Management, JFC HQ Naples, NATO

Deutsche Bank

“I have gained a thorough knowledge of Solar Photovoltaic systems…the course was well taught and had good interaction.”

Andrew Pidden

Environment Agency

“The course was very well presented and it was clear that the instructor had a great deal of experience and knowledge.”

Phil Coulston

Müller UK and Ireland Group

“I now have a much better understanding of finance in general, and in particular with regards to renewables.”

David Douglas


“The course was very interactive with clear delivery from the lecturer, to serve as a basis for a career change into Renewables.”

Ben Yankson

European Union External Action

“These courses are very informative, logical, and pragmatic. There is no boring theory in there. You go straight to the important subject and learn easily, as if you are being trained for years. I had a great experience studying the Wind Power course.”

Artur Shatri, EULEX Kosovo

Martini & Rossi [multinational beverage company]

“We would like to thank you for the good quality of your training which our personnel attended in the last years. We have attended different courses through the years care of your Training Centre.

All your courses were useful for our technicians because we improved our knowledge, both theoretical and practical. We would like to underline also the good levels of both your skilled trainers and your training documentation.”

Technical Staff Manager, MARTINI & ROSSI, Fulvio Baratella

Greater London Authority

“I intend to apply the skills gained from this course in my workplace to help in developing a green finance model for London.”

Patrick Feehily

National Grid

“The course was filled with very useful information for my career. I am currently working on developing PV and energy storage projects and this course will help me a lot in my current role and future career aspirations.”

Soolmaz Moshiri, National Grid UK

Ministry of Health

“The course gave me detailed knowledge and competency to design, install and operate Photovoltaic systems. I intend to apply these skills in various sustainability projects in the health sector in Malaysia.”

Tuan Haji Tauran Zaidi Ahmad Zaidi, Ministry of Health, Malaysia

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)

“Last year we attended your training course organised within our premises, the course has been very useful as it clarified important gaps in our knowledge. Additionally, it provided us with the knowledge of which technology to adopt for our systems. I take this opportunity to thank you again for the useful training courses you organise with quality content, teaching and documentation provided.”

Eng Adrian Kazazi, FAO

European Association AREA

“In today’s economic climate it is even more imperative that technicians diversify their skills to take advantage of the expanding renewable energy sector. The Renewable Energy Institute is ideally placed to ensure technicians succeed in making the most of this opportunity.”

Marco Buoni Vice President European Association AREA - AREA represents the interests of 22 national associations in 19 European countries, 125,000 people working in the sector

National Water and Electricity Company Ltd

“I was able to win a project proposal with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization – UNIDO – with the help of the courses I took with your institution.”

Alhaji Cham

Hilton Hotel

“Congratulations to the centre and to the trainers. all participants were engaged, the topics were explained very clearly and we found it extremely relevant to our day-to-day activities.”

The Eden Project

“The course was all very good and the tutor was excellent, it was perfect for my professional needs.”

Chris Bisson

IFAD - International Fund for Agricultural Development

“I liked the atmosphere of the course: relaxed, easy to intervene and discuss with the lecturer.”

Karan Sehgal

training at the Renewable Energy Institute


“The Renewable Energy Management and Finance course made me aware of the possible ways to finance renewable energy projects; both within the private and public sectors. There was great use of real-world examples and a comprehensive mix of content.”

Eimantas Puscius


“I can now talk more authoritatively on the topic of Electric Vehicles and I can use this knowledge to influence decisions in my workplace.”

Richard Hackforth-Jones

The US Department of Energy

“The course gave me better knowledge to perform a technical, business and policy analysis for Electric Vehicle adoption”

Andrew Newens

Bulb Energy

“The course gave me a great overview of Electric Vehicles. I now have the information to improve my work in EV research and strategy.”

Vome Aghoghovbia

Energy UK

“The lecturer’s clear explanations of the topic gave me deeper knowledge of biomass, which will be especially appreciated in my company’s ‘decarbonisation of heat’ sphere.”

India Redrup, Policy Executive

UK Department for International Development (DFID)

“I gained knowledge of technology, policy and details of deployment, which I will relate to developing countries in my upcoming work.”

Philip Mann

The World Bank

“The lecturer was very knowledgeable about Electric Vehicles and the technical details were covered very well”

Monali Ranade

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems

“I will be able to apply the knowledge I gained during the course to our commercial offerings and negotiations.”

Luke Buntz


“The presentation materials were well prepared, so I received the most up to date information possible supported by research data.”

Sri Sri-Jayantha

To learn more about these training courses, please visit the training page.

Further Testimonials can be viewed below:

“The course was excellent: it met and exceeded my professional needs, and will help me with the future development of my business” – David Thornton, EV Express, Electric Vehicles Course

“The structure and flow of the course helped me understand more about Wind Power and its processes, benefits and limitations; an excellent resource for my change of profession into renewable energy” – Alison Gray, Wind Power Participant

“No-one else gives the same quality of training as the REI” – Melvin Griffith, Solar Photovoltaic Course

“The lecturer was very knowledgeable and provided real-life examples…the course will help with the feasibility of projects at work” – Jack McKellar, Aecom, Renewable Energy Management and Finance Course

“It was very easy to understand the lecturer, he had a good sense of humour! The resource pack that came with the course was good to look back on” – Chantal Lass, Hastings Borough Council

“I gained a broader knowledge of PV system design and particular safety and MCS standard detail. I will be training field staff in PV system assessment primarily in sub-Saharan Africa” – Morgan Palmer, Tearfund, Electrics for Renewables Course

“I have gained a much better understanding of the infrastructure, battery technology and ambitious targets of the Electric Vehicles industry” – David Evans, Yorkshire Water, Electric Vehicles Course

“The course has given me a deeper understanding of the area and insight into the options for renewable energy and when they should be used” – Keith Dickerson, CAL, Renewable Energy Solutions Course

“Very interesting training course covering all topics of photovoltaic at 360 degrees. A very well structured and organised training course.” – Techno Gem, Solar Photovoltaics Course

“I now understand more about financial concepts relating to renewable energy projects…This will certainly help me in framing the bigger projects I am engaged with” – Kevin Houston, Carbon Masters LTD, Renewable Energy Management and Finance Course

“I gained a greater understanding of Solar PV and I will use my new skills to gain MCS accreditation for my company” – Paul Wallace, Skyform Ltd, Solar Photovoltaic Course

“It was a great cover of all products and I will use my knowledge to apply to projects I am working on” – Melanie Horbury, Pleydell Smithyman Ltd, Renewable Energy Solutions Course

“I gained considerable skills which will help with future career choices and opportunities…it was also a good opportunity to hear other professionals’ experience and expertise” – Seun Opanubi, Solar Photovoltaic

“The course has given me a wider knowledge and skill set of the wide choices of energy” – Jonathan Bell, Linskeldfield Bio Energy, Renewable Energy Solutions Course

“The course covered all the areas I was interested in and more” – Elvira Dimitrieva, Vert Rotors UK, Carbon Finance Course

“It was good to be able to speak with an authority on PV, in order to build a more efficient workplace and better designs” – Richard Douglas, The Green Way Solar, Solar Photovoltaic Course

“The course is well structured, relevant to finance and risk and I was impressed with the content” – Roy Tomkinson, Solarwise Renewables, Renewable Energy Management & Finance Course

“This course has benefitted me immensely by providing the information and drive for me to focus on renewable energy and incorporate them into everyday life to make a difference financially, ethically and in terms of global energy use” – Raaja Karthik, Renewable Energy Solutions Course

“The course has broadened my knowledge in this field. It has also given me the confidence to undertake renewable energy projects in central Africa” – Fred Ku-Mesu Miet, KCC Electrical, Wave and Hydro Power Course

“Gained a comprehensive knowledge of Solar Thermal, I intend to arrange installation in council properties” – Angus Council, Solar Thermal Course

“Gained key and practical skills such as building the wind plant. I will take the key knowledge gained and put this into practice” – Joseph Aseyefa, Aeronautical Engineer, Wind Power Course

“It has given me experience and knowledge which I’ll pass onto communities throughout Scotland” – Tom Young, Community Energy Scotland, Biomass/Wave and Hydro Courses

“Very good lecturer, slides and presentation. Well organised and informative” – Heat Pumps course

“Engaging lecturer. Well-structured lecture. Covered a lot of material” – Heat Pumps course

“Superb. Much increased my knowledge” – Prof. Colin Patten, Midlem, Wind Power course

“Very good coverage of the topic. Reference material with slides supporting info and practical examples” – Carbon Management course

“Another excellent course. Very informative” – Carbon Management course

“These skills will help me greatly in my workplace” – Patrick Evbobun, ModeCo Solar, Management & Finance course

“Covered in detail all of the aspects of biomass (technical, economic, supply..)” – Biomass course

“I used the course for research ideas for a PhD in this area. Turned out to be very useful” – PhD Student, Edinburgh Napier University

“I have gained knowledge and understanding of the concepts of energy and finance. I will take advantage to improve my career” – Dina Ahmed, Management and Finance course

“I was a little nervous at first but the quality of the online course was very good indeed, I have been most impressed with your staff and their help, and the courses themselves” – Richard Crook, Energy Efficiency in Buildings course

To learn more about these training courses, please visit the training page.

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