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Terms and Conditions for the GMC Logo

Terms & Conditions of the GMC and Expert Certificate logos:GMC logo Renewable Energy Institute Renewable Energy Training Courses

-The Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) and Expert Certificate Logos should only be used by the individual and in relation to the individual who has been awarded a GMC/Expert Certificate. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure appropriate use of the GMC/Expert Certificate Logo and to enquire about specific usage if uncertain.

-The GMC/Expert Certificate Logo must be at least 75×96 pixels or 1.7×2.4cm in size when reproduced. The logos should be clearly readable when published or printed, using the Logo files provided – these should not be altered, stretched or re-coloured.

-The GMC/Expert Certificate Logo are copyright of the Renewable Energy Institute and can be used by REI Alumni who have been awarded a GMC/Expert Certificate for use as recognition in relation to their renewable energy and energy efficiency activities. The use of the logos is at the discretion of the REI and this privilege can be withdrawn at any time.

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