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Carbon Finance is changing the Low-Carbon Landscape for Professionals

As we approach the deadlines for the EU 2020 energy targets, the topic of Carbon [...]

How can professionals decide which technology to invest in?

The topic of clean energy and a global sustainable future is at the forefront of [...]

Hundreds of Professionals Awarded Renewable Energy Expert Status

224 professionals were awarded internationally recognised renewable energy certificates last summer, by attending courses held [...]

REI Alumnus Spotlight – Andrea Teruel Diaz

In this section, we focus on the achievements of those who have attended REI courses and those who have [...]

Energy Efficiency: An outlook on the sector

(This link will direct you to the European Centre of Technology's website) In order to [...]


(This link will direct you to the European Centre of Technology website) GBE factory project [...]

Concerns over UK skills shortage in Renewable Energy

Organisations Seek Targeted Courses to Become More Competitive and Improve Renewable Energy Skills. Bespoke training [...]

India Conference

“Getting Ready for Renewable Energy – GND” Europe-India Initiative Under the Auspices of:Italian Ministry of [...]