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New Jersey Launches Nation-Leading Wind Power Project

Wind power developers have announced the launch of 4 new collaborative wind power facilities off [...]

Dogger Bank Wind Turbine Installation to Begin Development

Work will soon begin to install 277 wind turbines at the offshore wind farm at [...]

Scottish Windfarm to Receive Essential Upgrades and New Turbines

Hagshaw Hill is to repower it’s windfarm as part of the UK Government’s renewable energy [...]

Denmark’s Offshore Wind Projects Delayed by New Marine Plan

Denmark’s new ‘open door scheme’ will leave 24 out of 33 pending offshore wind projects [...]

What is Renewable Energy?

What is Renewable Energy?  Renewable energy (also known as clean energy) is energy from natural [...]

9 Reasons Wind Power is Still the Future of Green Energy

Wind Power is one of the oldest energy sources harnessed by humans. Early windmills used [...]