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King’s Speech Confirms Creation of GB Energy

Following the announcement of the UK Government’s legislative agenda for the next year, plans for [...]

Amazon Achieves 100% Renewable Energy Goal 7 Years Early

International retail giant Amazon has announced that all of the energy consumers involved across its [...]

Spain Approves €800 Million In Grants for Green Hydrogen Projects

Spanish Energy Minister Teresa Ribera has announced the government has approved subsidies of almost €800m [...]

Wind Provides 34% Of Power In Ireland

Latest figures from the June Wind Energy report reveal that Ireland’s wind farms generated 34% [...]

European Union Announces Huge Investment of Almost €3 Billion Into Renewables

A €2.97 billion investment has been announced by the European Union, as part of the [...]

University of British Columbia Partners With Powertech Labs for ‘First of Its Kind’ Hydrogen Fuelling Station

Canada is making significant steps towards its net zero pledge, with the University of British [...]

Japan sees major investment into hydrogen energy supply

JERA, the largest power generation company in Japan, has announced an investment of over $6 [...]

How Do Companies Pursue Net Zero?

In this article, The Renewable Energy Institute will consider three companies and examine their efforts [...]

New hydrogen energy project announced in UK Parliament by leading energy companies

A brand-new collaboration, called the Humber Hydrogen Hub, will consist of multiple low carbon hydrogen [...]

Plans unveiled to construct a £1 billion battery storage facility in the North East of England

A huge project has been announced for Teesworks that would develop Europe’s largest battery storage [...]