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Are London’s Financiers Ready for Investing in Renewable Energy?

(This link will direct you to the European Centre of Technology's Website). The advantages of [...]

REI assists United Nations Environment Programme on energy efficiency training in Africa and Asia

Dr Marco Buoni, Honorary Director of the Renewable Energy Institute, has been asked by the [...]

The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) proudly supports award at the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Awards 2014

The Renewable Energy Awards ceremony was attended by over 300 of the industry’s leading figures [...]

Energy Investment Risk and Future Climate (Part 1)

(This link will direct you to the Energy Learning Journal) The continuation of the study [...]

How Generating Your Own Energy Can Earn You Money

When thinking of the best green products for the home, many householders consider whether something [...]

Major Changes for the Renewable Electricity Market: A Focus on UK Contracts for Difference (CFD)

(This link will direct you to the European Centre of Technology's website) Renewable electricity generation [...]

IRENA Community Launch

We are pleased to announce that IRENA, an intergovernmental partner of the Renewable Energy Institute (REI), has launched an [...]

Environmental Education for new generations

Today, as population rises and resources are consumed and reduced, greater environmental sensitivity is necessary [...]

UK Offshore Wind

The UK will have to face several challenges over the next twenty years. The country [...]

Electric Vehicles And Their Impacts On Generation And Distribution System

One of the main priorities of the UK Government is to reduce its GHG emissions [...]