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Japan sees major investment into hydrogen energy supply

JERA, the largest power generation company in Japan, has announced an investment of over $6 [...]

New hydrogen energy project announced in UK Parliament by leading energy companies

A brand-new collaboration, called the Humber Hydrogen Hub, will consist of multiple low carbon hydrogen [...]

Decarbonising The Transport Sector: An Overview

Currently, the global transport sector accounts for up to 25% of total carbon emissions worldwide; [...]

Significant Advances Made In Global Hydrogen Production

In positive renewable energy news, global hydrogen energy projects have seen a marked increase since [...]

Monarch Energy Unveils Plans for Landmark Hydrogen Energy Hub

Monarch Energy, an energy company specialising in decarbonising hydrogen production, has announced their plans for [...]

India’s Carbon Emissions Fall by 33% Across 14 Years

Officials have reported that India have slashed their carbon emissions over the past 14 years, [...]

Net Zero Case Study: Cascais, Portugal

Cascais is a traditional fishing town located on the west coast of Portugal, not far [...]

Ammonia – The key to unlocking hydrogen’s potential as a low carbon alternative to fossil fuels?

Hydrogen is widely expected to be the energy carrier to replace fossil fuels as renewable [...]

Hydrogen Energy – Is It Worth the Hype?

WHAT IS HYDROGEN? Hydrogen is a zero-carbon fuel that produces only water as a by-product [...]