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Institute Insights: Did COP28 Make A Difference?

It is now 6 months since COP28 took place in Dubai. The key outcomes of [...]

Breakthrough new battery research could help boost the renewable energy transition

Researchers at Stanford University in the United States have found a new way of developing [...]

US scientists produce hydrogen using 600% less energy in new breakthrough

The University of Illinois in Chicago, USA, have published research outlining a new method of [...]

Ireland announces the launch of breakthrough new wind and solar data management platform

BrightWind, an Irish based company, have recently announced the launch of a new data management [...]

Azerbaijan and U.A.E unveil joint renewable energy projects ahead of COP29 Presidency

Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates have recently published plans to collaborate on 3 major [...]

AraBat: Pioneering Sustainable Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling for a Renewable Future

Written for the Renewable Energy Institute (REI) by Leonardo Binetti and Raffaele Nacchiero, AraBat The [...]

International Energy Agency predicts significant renewable energy investment for 2024

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published their latest World Energy Investment Report this week, [...]

Japan and European Union form agreement to collaborate on clean hydrogen

Earlier this week, Japan and the EU agreed to work together on the ‘Clean Hydrogen [...]

China reports rise in renewable exports and decrease in carbon emissions

A new report from Wood Mackenzie has shown an increase of 35% in renewable energy [...]

Greece reports 7 days without use of coal power

The ‘phase-out’ or ‘phase-down’ of coal is a big question in climate strategy, forming a [...]