Swiss Carbon Capture Company Plans For Vast European Expansion

This week, Swiss company Neustark announced they have raised $69 million from new and existing investors, which they will use to launch new carbon capture projects across Europe. Currently, the company have 19 carbon capture and storage plants across Europe, mainly in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. They are one of the fastest growing carbon capture companies and work with large corporations such as Microsoft. With this additional funding, Neustark plan to expand even further and launch a further 40 plants across Europe.

Neustark specialise in capturing CO2 emissions at source and then bind them in mineral waste streams. More specifically, the CO2 is captured and turned into liquid, at which point it is transported to construction waste recycling sites. Here they inject the liquid CO2 into concrete from demolished buildings. Neustark’s specific technology, which they have devised themselves and IP Protected, ensures that the CO2 is permanently bound to the surface of the concrete granules. This substance can then be recycled and used to build roads meaning that the CO2 will remain captured for hundreds of thousands of years.

decrease in carbon dioxide emissions

By 2030, Neustark aim to permanently remove 1 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere which will provide a significant boost for reducing emissions and reaching net zero targets.

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