REI Inspiring Initiatives: Kungälv – A Region of Renewable Energy

Two medieval castles and a large biscuit factory: this is what many people would associate Kungälv with. The municipality is situated on the west coast of Sweden, sprinkled with pine trees and surrounded by water. While Kungälv has a rich cultural heritage to attract people, the district can also be proud of the fact that it is using advanced green technology in order to provide its residents with energy. As an independent body for the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors, the Renewable Energy Institute (REI) actively seeks to promote best practice when it comes to innovative ways of working for a more sustainable future. Being an Accredited Educational Centre, which offers qualifications and training courses in renewable energy to companies and professionals around the world, the REI is delighted to highlight examples of places and organisations, such as Kungälv, that are increasing their responsibility for the environment by expanding their use of sustainable energy. Taking responsibility for the environment is something that can be done on many levels. On a small scale, Kungälv offers its inhabitants assistance in doing what they can to make their homes as energy efficient as possible. Among the advice that is given, residents are recommended to install low energy appliances and to insulate their homes properly, to improve energy efficiency in buildings. The region also encourages its residents to write an ‘energy diary’, a simple way of keeping track on how much energy they use. For anyone who is interested in the technology behind sustainable living solutions, the REI offers a range of practical and theoretical courses for both experienced professionals and individuals who are looking to start a career in the renewable energy sector. In terms of the district’s energy supply on a larger scale, Kungälv covers most of its consumption through renewable energy sources, such as Solar Water Heating. Making use of the windy slopes of the west coast, the district has ambitious plans to expand its Wind Power technology over the upcoming years. In addition, the region is looking into implementing Wave & Hydro Power to further branch out their use of sustainable energy. As the world faces the unprecedented challenge of climate changes, more and more companies are realising the necessity of switching to renewable energy sources. The demand for expertise in this area is growing rapidly, resulting in many new job opportunities and the requirement for professionals to regularly undergo skills training. This upcoming month, The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) is pleased to offer a course specialised in Energy Storage, taught by a leading international expert in the field. The REI invites participants from all backgrounds to take the opportunity to learn more about the technology that Kungälv, as well as other inspiring regions, are using in order to steer towards a new green future. Join the REI in London for a one-day course that will take you through the environmental and cost-efficient benefits of implementing this advanced new technology.

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