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Operating since 1975, the Renewable Energy Institute (REI) recognises that sustainable growth of the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors can only be achieved by matching the right skills and people with the right jobs and development opportunities. The REI offers leading short training courses at renowned universities worldwide, and is an official provider of the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate.

Past participants of the REI and achievers of the GMC Certificate include employees of Mitsubishi, Amazon, LEGO, Coca-Cola, the NHS and Deutsche Bank. You can read more from participants who have spoken about their experiences of the REI’s career development programmes.

The REI’s renewable energy careers centre works with numerous recruitment agencies, in line with our mission to connect professionals and experts in renewable energy with the industry, in order to encourage long-term career development in the sector.

The Renewable Energy Institute is an independent professional body for renewable energy education that works with a large number of career service organisations. For more information you can contact the respective agencies directly or through the REI, by emailing

AltGen Renewable Energy Recruitment

The REI have recently partnered with global specialists in renewable energy recruitment, AltGen, in an effort to aid our participants with their job prospects. With offices throughout Africa and the UK, AltGen offer recruitment and employment services as well as HR-related consulting in renewable energy. 

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