The Renewable Energy Institute receives prestigious EI Award 2020

The Renewable Energy Institute has been awarded the prestigious EI Award 2020 for ‘Talent Development and Learning’. The Renewable Energy Institute was chosen out of 160 nominees from all over the world to receive the award for exceptional work on “creating a global skilled workforce in renewable energy & energy efficiency”.

The Renewable Energy Institute has been selected by a panel of expert judges to receive the distinguished award for “Talent Development and Learning”. The Institute was chosen for the award alongside organisations such as the National Grid, Octopus Energy, and Swansea University.

The EI Awards “celebrate the achievements of the energy industry across the globe, giving recognition to individuals and organisations who take an innovative and responsible approach to solving the industry’s challenges of providing society with clean, sustainable, low cost and dependable energy.”

Paolo Buoni, Director of the Renewable Energy Institute, said: “We are delighted to have received this award, following our work spreading the Renewable Energy message. As the world seeks a Green Recovery in the coming months and years, the Renewable Energy Institute is proud to be the ambassador of green energy and best practice in the sector.”

The EI Awards ceremony was held virtually this year, with prominent guests such as the UK Energy, Business and Clean Growth Minister Kwasi Kwarteng.

The Renewable Energy Institute received the EI award for extensive work in knowledge-sharing and professional training in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency:

The Institute has consistently worked on filling the Renewable Energy skills gap currently experienced by the green energy industry by providing training on the latest technology in order to help create the workforce required for the sector to succeed. Sustainable growth of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency industries can only be achieved by upskilling individuals to the required level for employment and development opportunities in the sector.

The Institute works with the creation and development of educational material and sharing knowledge by leading industry experts. General information of the educational opportunities available in the Renewable Energy sector are regularly distributed to both the green sector and related industries in order to help raise awareness and prompt the workforce to train or retrain in the low carbon and green sectors.

The Renewable Energy Institute promotes best practice and knowledge-sharing in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency topics by working with industry experts and intergovernmental organisations to deliver a range of educational opportunities. Participants benefit from the practical and theoretical knowledge of a range of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency systems, taught by leading experts in their field with more than 30 years of theoretical and practical experience. The teaching materials are designed to inform participants how to succeed in the Renewable Energy industry.

The Renewable Energy industry is developing quickly and expanding globally, with new opportunities becoming available all the time. The Renewable Energy Institute has been disseminating the latest news through social media posting and providing a dedicated news feed to technical articles and updates.

The Renewable Energy Institute strongly believes that education is the key to the growth and development of the Renewable Energy sector, along with research and development. Therefore, the Institute trains and upskills the workforce by sharing the latest research and cutting-edge technological innovations. By providing both face to face educational opportunities, as well as online knowledge sharing activities, the Renewable Energy Institute has been able to reach all corners of the world with students based in over 150 countries. The educational training has created and re-trained up to 5000 professionals each year over the past decade. This has had a positive impact on the Renewable Energy sector growth.

Evidence of the positive impact that the educational activities have had on the sector can be seen on the testimonials and case studies that high-profile organisations have left with regard to the project:

It is with great honour that the Renewable Energy Institute accepts the EI Award and looks forward to continuing to provide expert training in Renewable Energy to professionals, and the general knowledge and awareness of Renewable Energy across the globe.

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