REI and United Nations: 18th Conference

18th European Conference in Renewable Energy and Technology

For nearly 45 years, the Renewable Energy Institute has worked together with the United Nations Environment and its other partners, to promote environmental awareness and practice renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

On 6th-7th June this year, the UN-EEC-CSG’s 18th European Conference gathered delegates from the European Commission and Parliament, UNIDO, FAO, and international government bodies such as ATF, JSRAE and AREA among others, as well as researchers and industry experts, at the Polytechnic University of Milan to discuss the latest developments in renewable energy. Specific focus was put on technology involving heating and cooling. Improving the technology for Energy Storage and Energy Efficiency in Buildings is vital for a sustainable future, both when it comes to heating up buildings, and, in warmer climates, retaining their coolness.

The Presidents of the 18th European Conference

Several key speakers at the European Conference referenced the 2030 Agenda, stating that the 17 universal goals set up in the agenda are still achievable, if sustainable energy is kept at the forefront of international decision-making. This includes strengthening the framework for renewable energy technology such as Solar and Wind Power and making Electric Vehicles more accessible to a larger majority of the population. The 2030 Agenda states that a joint effort must be made by all countries in order to protect the Earth from destruction, through making conscious and responsible choices regarding the management of natural resources. It stresses the necessity of immediate action in order to prevent any further harm to the planet. New environmental experts are urgently needed to provide knowledge and hands-on solutions to the complex problems that the world has to cope with. Considering this, the REI is committed to making renewable energy courses accessible to as many people as possible and is pleased to say that it has been able to offer part-funded spaces to more participants than ever before. Seeing each person who receives training as a green energy ambassador; the REI is convinced that for every individual that becomes skilled in renewable energy, the world has a greater chance of combating the serious state that the environment is in. After completing their training, many of the REI’s participants have made fantastic progress in taking sustainability to the next level within their respective sectors and professions:

“The skills and knowledge obtained through attending the courses offered by the REI are crucial for my current role and future career”

– United Nations UNDP, Nar Bahadur Khatiwora

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