Renewable Energy educational body aims to revolutionise online training through 3D printing

An innovative online Renewable Energy learning platform, with participants connecting from 72 countries worldwide, looks to the newest technologies in order to continuously improve the interactive training experience. The REI is an Accredited Centre which promotes best practice in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, working alongside the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), intergovernmental organisations and universities around Europe. Since 1975, the REI has committed to developing global training initiatives for the benefit of its alumni, members and professionals worldwide. As part of this mission, the REI evaluates the current trends in technological innovations and the potential for such technologies to enhance the delivery of the training which is already being offered. The REI has provided distance learning courses for 40 years, originally using VHS Videos which were sent directly to participants to view at home and then DVDs, once the technology became available. As technology has advanced, the REI has evolved its teaching methods to suit and currently uses an innovative distance learning platform in order to provide training to worldwide. As part of its progressive activities in the online training sector, the REI is now allocating resources to developing practical online distance learning courses which will apply the principles of 3D printing in order to further enhance the delivery of e-learning courses. Experts predict that 3D printing can revolutionise the renewable energy industry: Difficult manufacturing processes can be simplified dramatically and innovative techniques could be found to transform existing technologies. In addition, the REI believes that the use of 3D printing should not be limited to manufacturing processes within the Renewable Energy industry and that it has the potential to add significant value to online education in the future. REI e-learning courses currently allow participants to study videos from live classroom training held at leading UK universities, can also connect to a live one to one tutorial with the expert lecturer and download the course materials for reference during and after the period of study. The flexibility of the courses is a major advantage for busy professionals in the sector, as the course videos and materials can be studied at the participant’s convenience from work or at home. The potential benefits that 3D printing can bring to the Renewable Energy Industry through streamlining manufacturing processes are already quite clear. The opportunity to provide an even greater interactive online training experience may be one more innovative way that 3D printing can revolutionise this emerging sector. Note to Editor: The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) is a global leader in Renewable Energy education and runs a series of classroom-based and distance learning Renewable Energy training courses and conferences with the United Nations Environment Programme. For more information visit or contact Deborah at 0131 4469479.