Renewable Energy courses: Two Leading Training Providers Join Forces

Seminars and Cutting-edge Refrigeration and Renewable Energy courses: Two Leading Training Providers join forces, REI and Business Edge

The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) – well known for the strong collaboration with the UNITED NATIONS in organising European Conferences and courses on the GREEN NEW DEAL – has just partnered with Business Edge Ltd to launch a series of courses in Scotland and England that will bring professionals up to speed on the latest advances in energy efficient refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pumps and renewable energy.  The sessions will also help people to take advantage of the world’s first tariff scheme for owners of renewable heating equipment and help people to invest wisely in renewable energy.

A surge of interest in all areas of renewable energy, coupled with new EU and UK regulations have led to huge demand from technicians who want to train or retrain in refrigeration, air conditioning and renewable energy.

For example, a review of the F gas Regulations at the end of 2011 showed that more than 4,000 engineers in the UK are yet to be assessed and worryingly are working illegally, thereby exposing their companies and customers to potential legal action.  Training Director of Business Edge Ltd, Kelvin Kelly, explained, “With the adoption of EC Regulation 842 and the F gas Regulations, operatives must be assessed before working on refrigerating, air conditioning and heat pump systems and in the majority of cases even experienced candidates would be unsuccessful without adequate training prior to assessment.

To fill the skills gap two leading training providers in this field, Business Edge Ltd and The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) have joined forces to launch what could be the most useful courses in renewable energy, refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps that the UK has ever seen.  Kelly continued, “Business Edge Ltd do not enter lightly into partnerships. However, after seeing the level of professionalism and quality of training that the REI offers, I am very confident that we can utilise each other’s expertise.”

Paolo Buoni, a Director of the REI added,  “I am extremely glad of this new joint venture, which adds to our group of high-calibre associate organisations such as the United Nations Environment Programme and the European Commission; we now look forward to providing even more professionals with cutting-edge information from top level trainers that is based on the experience of two major educational organisations in Europe.”

The courses, which begin at the end of February 2012, will also help attendees working in the UK to take advantage of a new scheme called the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) that has been set up by the Government to encourage all organisations to generate heat energy from renewable sources.  For the first time ever, owners of Heat Pumps will get paid for the heat they produce. “If implemented properly this scheme could be a very useful tool to increase demand for this type of technology,” said Kelvin, “however, there will no doubt be some hesitation to fully commit given the Government’s recent declaration to cut feed in tariffs.  We will give participants of our courses a balanced view of the whole scheme.”

With air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pumps using up to 30 percent of total electricity in developed countries, there are huge carbon and cost savings to be made in all sectors of society. Furthermore, professionals attending these courses will be brought up to speed on the global opportunities for the industry in energy efficient heating and cooling. “The RHI scheme is a great move for the UK renewables industry and adds to the host of similar incentives found in other countries in Europe,” said REI’s Dr Marco Buoni who designed the course with Kelvin Kelly, “although developing countries will have to follow suit if they wish to make more improvements to the comfort and appeal of their workplaces and food outlets. They too must make a quantum leap and adopt the latest air conditioning and refrigeration technology.”

The REI, always in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme will present more information on this subject at their 15th European Conference in Edinburgh the end of June 2012, where the above topics and more will also be covered, along with the technologies required to deliver the Green New Deal.  This is of extreme importance and relevance, especially in today’s economic climate, in order to take advantage of green technologies whilst healing the economy.  To book places on the Business Edge and REI courses go to

Notes to Editors

Business Edge – was established in 1990 as the first UK independent limited training company and has steadily grown to become one of the best-known and well-regarded training companies in the UK and also overseas. They remain the leading training providers in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) <> The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) – promotes the use of renewable energy and sustainable technologies through training and conferences organised in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and held at major European and British Universities. In 37 years the Renewable Energy Institute (REI) with Centro Studi Galileo have become leaders in renewable energy training in Europe, providing the internationally recognised Galileo Certificate. All training is based on the EU-funded project Energy Management Technician in Europe (EMTEU). <> 15th European Conference GREEN NEW DEAL: the latest technology Renewable Energy, Heating and Cooling Applications – which has been organised in partnership with the UN will take place in Edinburgh on 22nd June 2012 with a special focus on how best to invest in the renewable energy field.