Portugal Reports Incredible Renewable Energy Success in 2024

In April 2024, a staggering 95% of Portugal’s electricity needs were provided by renewable sources of power. Furthermore, this historic success is not a one off event, but a trend that can be seen throughout the first quarter of the year. Between January and March, renewables were able to provide an average of 91% of the country’s electricity. It has also been reported that for 6 consecutive days in late 2023, the nation was able to create more renewable power than needed.

Portugal has regularly shown itself to be a leader in renewable energy; reports dating as far back as 1978 show that they have been able to produce large proportions of their energy via sustainable methods. The recent data from 2024 also shows significant progress over the last 20 years. In 2005, the country was generating about 27% of its power from sustainable methods and in 2017, the rate was 54%.
A 41% increase in the last 7 years, amidst a global pandemic and widespread economic uncertainty, is a historic success.

Surprisingly, Portugal’s most prolific form of renewable energy in early 2024 was hydroelectric, generating 48% of the total amount. Portugal has placed a specific emphasis on hydroelectric power in their climate policy, also ensuring that their energy storage systems are capable of keeping up with generation.

Hydroelectric was followed by wind power at 30% of the total energy created. It might be assumed that solar power would generate the most power in Portugal’s climate. In fact, solar accounted for just 7% of the total energy mix from January-March, rising slightly to 10% in April. Nevertheless, regardless, of the method of harnessing renewable power, it is clear that Portugal remains a leader in terms of the global energy transition.

You can read more about how Portugal is at the forefront of the energy transition here: Net Zero Case Study: Cascais, Portugal

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