Participant Funded by the Transition Training Fund to Study Master in Renewable Energy Award

Studying the Master in Renewable Energy Award through Government Funding – The Transition Training Fund

“I would certainly recommend the Master in Renewable Energy Award for people looking to move into the Green sector.”

The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) is regularly in contact with participants who are attending REI courses in order to achieve the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate to further their careers in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors.The REI, which works with the United Nations Environment Programme and major universities to promote best practice in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, this month is delighted to speak with Ramsay Cargill, who is currently studying the global online Master in Renewable Energy Award, which is an 18-month programme to achieve the highest accolade at the REI. Ramsay has been able to attend the courses due to Transition Training Fund Government Funding that he has received, which he is eligible to use on all of the REI’s courses.

“The REI’s courses give a good insight into how the Energy Industry is developing for the future.”

1. Why did you choose to study with the Renewable Energy Institute to achieve the Master in Renewable Energy Award? I used to work in the Oil & Gas industry and knew that it was going through a bad patch. I wanted to retrain into the renewable energy sector and I looked at a number of college courses, but they weren’t eligible for government funding. I made some enquiries at the REI and found that the Master in Renewable Energy Award was the right fit for me.

2. You are studying the Master Award through government funding from the Oil Transition Training Fund – how did that opportunity present itself? The government has put in place a fund for people out of work as a result of the oil industry downturn, called “the Transition Training Fund” – which is funded through Skills Development Scotland. I was granted full funding to study the Master in Renewable Energy Award with the REI. I also received an Individual Learning Account fund of £200, which I used to study the REI’s Wind Power course, which was my first course on the pathway.

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3. Which course have you enjoyed studying most as part of the Master Award? I am currently in the middle of my studies for the Master in Renewable Energy Award. As well as the Wind Power course, I’ve also studied Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Introduction to Heat Pumps so far. I enjoy the courses – I’m an engineer by trade and the mathematics and physics aspects are something I get a lot out of.

“The training courses are eligible for government funding and so I was granted full funding to study.”

4. Would you recommend the Master Award Pathway to others looking to retrain? Yes, I would certainly recommend the Master in Renewable Energy Award to people looking to move into the Green sector. The courses give you a good insight into how the Energy industry is developing for the future. The Energy Efficiency in Buildings course would even be useful for people looking to save a bit of money in their own home! Since I started studying the courses, a couple of job opportunities have opened up in offshore Wind Power, which may be something I’m interested in as I move forward with my career.

The Master in Renewable Energy Award is a flexible study programme that is suitable for all knowledge levels.

Current participants include representatives from the UK Green Investment Bank, Kier Construction Group, SMEs in the Energy sector, students and consultants aiming to consolidate their renewable energy knowledge and achieve their career goals.

The Master in Renewable Energy Award (global online and classroom) is made up of 12 complementary modules, which can be studied flexibly at a time that suits you.

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