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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a list with the most frequently asked questions about the Renewable Energy Institute’s Accredited professional training courses here below. You can also get in touch via email: or call +44 (0)131 446 9479 to speak to an advisor.

What is the Renewable Energy Institute?
The Renewable Energy Institute works to promote best practice and knowledge-sharing in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency topics, by working with leading universities and the United Nations (UNEP) to deliver a range of educational opportunities: professional training courses, qualifications, conferences, publications, European Projects, Global Partnerships, Membership Programmes and the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate.

The Renewable Energy Institute is an independent professional body and training provider, which works with leading universities, and has been running courses since 1975. Every year, the Renewable Energy Institute trains over 5000 individuals in 150 countries all over the world in the latest in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. All Renewable Energy Institute course lecturers are university academics and industry experts with many years of experience in their field. The accredited courses take place in the classroom, online in virtual classrooms, or online on-demand through an innovative learning platform.

In collaboration with the United Nations (UNEP), the Renewable Energy Institute works to promote best practice in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency among individuals and companies both locally and internationally.

Can I study the Renewable Energy Institute's courses from my country?

The Renewable Energy Institute’s renowned online courses are open to participants worldwide, regardless of which country or timezone you live in. With a 24/7 access to all the course materials, including the tutorial videos taken from the live classroom courses, you can study from any location, whenever it suits you.

Where are the classroom courses held?

Global courses in Renewable Energy are held all over the world – please let us know where you are and we will let you know your nearest course location. More regular classroom courses are held in the UK at the University of London and Edinburgh Napier University; and in the US at The George Washington University and in central Manhattan, New York City. We also arrange bespoke expert-led courses for companies and organisations all over the world.

What is the Galileo Master Certificate?

The Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) is an internationally recognised certificate in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, awarded directly by the Renewable Energy Institute. For every course that you study, you have the opportunity to achieve a GMC. If you study an Expert Certificate or the Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award, you can achieve multiple GMCs. Previous GMC achievers include the National Grid, the World Bank, the BBC, Volkswagen, IBM and many more.

What is the schedule for the online courses, is there a set timetable?

The Renewable Energy Institute has made the online on-demand courses as flexible to study as possible so that you can learn whenever it works best for you. All the course materials, including the tutorial videos taken from the live classroom training, are accessible through your online learning account and you can review them whenever you like, as many times as you wish during your enrolment period.

Can I study the online courses while working?

Yes! The Renewable Energy Institute’s expert-led courses are designed to make it possible for you to study around your everyday commitments. The duration of the enrolment has been set to ensure that you have plenty of time to study at your own pace. Read about the positive experiences that other participants have had of studying with the Renewable Energy Institute while working here.

Are there any pre-entry requirements for studying the courses?

The Renewable Energy Institute’s professional development courses are open to everyone who has an interest in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. The courses will take you through the basic concepts of a subject before advancing to in-depth knowledge, so they are suitable for people on all levels of experience.

Can I finish the Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award in less than 18 months if I want to?

You are welcome to plan your studies on the Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award entirely flexibly according to your own schedule, so you can complete the courses as quickly as you like. Each course on the programme is estimated to take 20-30 learning hours to complete, depending on your own individual learning pace.

Do I have to go to an exam centre to do the exam for my online course?

The remote exams for the Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) are taken through the online learning platform. As long as you have a laptop, mobile or tablet, and access to an internet connection, you can take the exam from any location that you like, even from home.

What are my career prospects after studying with the Renewable Energy Institute?

This is an exciting time to be part of the Renewable Energy industry! As the industry is expanding rapidly professionals with knowledge in Renewable Energy are in high demand across all sectors. The Renewable Energy Institute’s internationally recognised courses are led by experienced academics and professionals to provide you with the essential knowledge that you need in order to work in Renewable Energy. Participants on the Renewable Energy Institute’s Renewable Energy courses range from all kinds of professions: project managers, engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and artists. Find out more about career opportunities in Renewable Energy here.

Can I count the Renewable Energy Institute's courses towards my CPD?

Yes! As a CPD-Accredited training centre, you can count any completed Renewable Energy Institute courses to your Continuing Professional Development.
Once you have finished a course, you will automatically become a member of the Renewable Energy Institute, where you can receive industry recognition, log your annual CPD progression, and receive news and updates on the Renewable Energy industry.

What support can I get if I have additional needs?

The Renewable Energy Institute is an organisation committed to equal opportunities and welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge. If you require additional support during your studies, we are always happy to discuss options with you, so please get in touch.

I can’t pay via PayPal. Is there any other way that I can pay for the courses?

Great, you are one step closer to receiving world-class training in Renewable Energy! You can pay for your expert-led course or pathway through PayPal, or via credit or debit card over the phone: +44 (0)131 446 9479 (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm UK time). Alternatively, you can pay by making a bank transfer – for bank transfer details, please email:

My company needs an invoice before I can start the course, can you provide this?

Yes, certainly. Please email the name and address that you would like included on the invoice to: and the Finance Department will create the invoice for you.

The Renewable Energy Institute is the chosen professional training provider for many companies and organisations around the world. The Renewable Energy Institute’s expert-led bespoke courses are delivered through live virtual classroom training, or in-house at your location. There are also various advantageous offers on group enrolments on the Renewable Energy Institute’s CPD-Accredited online on-demand courses.


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Master in Renewable Energy Award

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