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Independent Educational Body
for the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors

About Us

The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) works to promote best practice and knowledge-sharing in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency topics, by working with leading universities and the United Nations (UNEP) to deliver a range of educational opportunities: professional training courses, qualifications, conferences, publications, European Projects, Global Partnerships, Membership Programmes and the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate.

Renewable Energy Courses and Qualifications

The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) has delivered accredited training courses and qualifications on a range of renewable energy and energy efficiency subjects since 1975. The REI now trains around 5000 individuals each year in over 300 training courses at 21 universities across Europe and the USA.

The REI’s training courses are taught by leading experts in their field, who have at least 20 years of academic and practical experience to share with attendees. The training courses are run in a consultancy format, with small class sizes and discussion sessions to encourage interaction and networking.

International Conferences and Summits

REI International ConferencesThe Renewable Energy Institute organises leading Conferences, Summits and Round Tables, with the support of European Governments and in partnership with the United Nations (UNEP) and the intergovernmental IIR, on the latest technologies in renewable energy and energy efficiency across Europe and internationally.

These International Conferences are an opportunity for leading researchers and academics to meet with industry experts to discuss the latest developments and future opportunities for the sector.

Renewable Energy News

The Renewable Energy industry is developing quickly and expanding globally, with new opportunities becoming available all the time. The Renewable Energy Institute disseminates the latest news through its social media feeds, on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and also provides a dedicated news feed on this website to technical articles and news from the Renewable Energy Institute.

European Projects

EMTEU European TrainingThe Renewable Energy Institute (REI) has always been at the forefront of innovation in the energy sector. The REI actively participates and shapes European Projects at the EU level for the benefit of the Community Member States. For more information visit the European Projects page.

United Nations Publications (UNEP) – REI

REI - United Nations PublicationThe REI works with the United Nations UNEP to produce a series of publications for renewable energy and energy efficiency practitioners around the world.

The official technical journal of the REI is Energy – a leading journal launched to detail the latest technical innovations in the industry. Learn more about the REI’s printed publications with the United Nations UNEP.

Renewable Energy Jobs

Solar Electrics Equipment on Renewable Energy CoursesSustainable growth of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency industries can only be achieved by upskilling individuals to the required level for employment and development opportunities in the sector. In addition to the REI’s leading short training courses which are designed to provide professionals with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the industry, the REI offers the Renewable Energy Careers Centre. REI works with recruitment agencies and other organisations to connect employment opportunities in the sector with professionals and experts who have the skills to fill them, visit the Renewable Energy Jobs page to find out more.


A number of rewarding volunteering opportunities are available as part of the Global Network of REI Representatives and Ambassadors. The network of international volunteers support the REI to disseminate best practice and knowledge-sharing in Renewable Energy. Visit the Volunteering Page for further information.

ETP-REI Collaboration

UNEP Head and Director of the REI at the conference run in cooperation with Edinburgh Napier UniversityThe Renewable Energy Institute works with a wide range of partners who support the EEC’s objective to connect industry and academia in the Renewable Energy industry, which will in turn support the sustainable growth of the sector in the long term. Benefits of the Knowledge Exchange Network include technical guidance and support, access to academic expertise, identifying funding for further development and many others.

Green Jobs, Green Economy, Green New Deal

In a meeting at Parliament, the REI and United Nations UNEP discussed Renewable Energy prospects and the creation of green jobs. The creation of the EEC-led Skills Alliance provides the opportunity for individuals to achieve the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate to help them to enter the green jobs market.


Qualifications & GMC

Achieve the GMC

Over 5000 participants each year attend over 300 professional training courses at 21 universities worldwide.

Renewable Energy Training
in 150 countries

International Participants from 143 countries worldwide

Participants include major authorities and organisations, such as the United Nations, Coca Cola, Siemens and Ford Motor Company.

Master in Renewable Energy Award

Master in Renewable Energy Award

The Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award (18 month global study programme) is available to study in the classroom, or at home, from the office and on-the-go.

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