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Take part in the Renewable Energy Institute’s global survey

As part of the Renewable Energy Institute’s award-winning work on knowledge-sharing and professional training, the Institute carries out international research to increase the awareness of trends in Renewable Energy, both within the industry and among the general public. The Institute’s studies provide decision makers and key industry players a basis on which to plan future developments to expand and improve sustainable practices.

Please note that we are no longer accepting responses for this survey. The Renewable Energy Institute is pleased to share the results of our research in this article.

We want to hear from you!

This survey on Renewable Energy and sustainable development is open to anyone regardless of background or work experience. The Renewable Energy Institute aims to include a broad range of entrants from around the world, so people from all walks of life are welcome to participate.

3 minutes of your time

The survey will take approximately 3 minutes to fill in, and the answers are anonymous. When the survey closes, the data will be analysed, and a full report will be published and shared internationally.

Be the first to know the results

As a participant in the survey, you can opt in to receive an exclusive preview of the Renewable Energy Institute’s full report before it is shared with our wider audience. When you have filled out the survey, you can choose to submit your email address so that the report can be sent to you.

We had a great response to the survey and are very pleased to share the results from our research which has highlighted some very interesting findings regarding the place of Renewable Energy and Green Technology in today’s society. Please click below to read the full article.

The Renewable Energy Institute has been providing Accredited courses in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency since 1975. The Institute trains participants in 150 countries worldwide, and is the official awarding body of the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate. Course participants range from companies and organisations such as the World Bank, Siemens, International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Google, and many more.

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