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Latest Renewable Energy News from the Renewable Energy Institute. Working in partnership with the United Nations (UNEP) and major universities the REI is an Independent Professional Body that promotes best practice in renewable energy and energy efficiency through renewable energy training courses and global conferences.

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    Carbon Finance is changing the Low-Carbon Landscape for Professionals

    REI training course, Renewable Electrics, Renewable Energy Institute, professional training, CPD
    As we approach the deadlines for the EU 2020 energy targets, the topic of Carbon Management and ensuing strategies to offset carbon emissions have taken on even greater significance for global businesses. Major changes will be necessary across the economy, not just in the energy sector itself. Decision-makers within small, medium and large organisations now need to be aware of the requirements for carbon reduction commitments and effects of carbon management and trading strategies.
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    How can professionals decide which technology to invest in?

    Renewable Energy training courses at Coventry University UK
    The topic of clean energy and a global sustainable future is at the forefront of people’s minds, both at a personal and organisational level. While it is clear that we will not be able to rely on fossil fuels for much longer, it is much harder to sift through the literature and statistics on the latest renewable low-carbon energy strategies in order to make an informed decision on the best route to investments. Every week it seems, we are told about the benefits of the newest technologies, we get updated on changes in government incentives, and receive conflicting information about Payback times and the long-term prospects for investments. Of course, it is important to be aware of the options available but it is becoming even more important now to know exactly which options to choose and when depending on the project or client.
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    Hundreds of Professionals Awarded Renewable Energy Expert Status

    Hundreds of Professionals Awarded Renewable Energy Expert Status
    224 professionals were awarded internationally recognised renewable energy certificates last summer, by attending courses held at Edinburgh Napier University. Funding has enabled participants to receive discounts on courses organised by the Renewable Energy Institute, as well as opportunities for fully-funded pathways. The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) works alongside the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to promote best practice in renewable energy to a wide spectrum of professionals and technicians as well as those aspiring to work in the environmental sector.
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    REI Alumnus Spotlight – Andrea Teruel Diaz

    Andrea Teruel Diaz, REI participant REI Renewable Energy Institute Training Education
    In this section, we focus on the achievements of those who have attended REI courses and those who have attained the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) to establish their careers in the renewable energy industry. This month, the REI talks to Andrea Teruel Diez who is a Project Manager with RemedX Remediation Services Inc. Andrea has taken a total of three REI distance learning courses, and has now achieved the Renewable Energy Expert Certificate.
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    Energy Efficiency: An outlook on the sector

    Energy efficiency labelling
    (This link will direct you to the European Centre of Technology's website) In order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change global carbon emissions must be reduced substantially over the coming decades (United Nations, 2013). Increasing energy efficiency, reducing the amount of energy required to provide products and services, can lead to substantial reductions in carbon emissions in conjunction with the adoption of low carbon forms of energy generation such as various renewable technologies (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2013). As well as its benefits in terms of reducing carbon emissions energy efficiency can have substantial economic benefits, for example, renewable energy and energy efficiency installation in the United States now employs more people than...
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    REI International Conferences
    (This link will direct you to the European Centre of Technology website) GBE factory project invites you to the International Conference entitled Enterprises for green tourism development to be held on the 9th of May 2014 in Albena – Bulgaria. The main purpose of the conference is to highlight the role of green tourism. Thus, it aims to focus not only on the field of renewable energy, but also the sustainable development of local tourism as well. That is why it aims to highlight the future of energy sustainability as well; a future in which the world’s entire population would have access to modern, efficient and affordable energy...
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    Concerns over UK skills shortage in Renewable Energy

    Solar Electrics Equipment on Renewable Energy Courses
    Organisations Seek Targeted Courses to Become More Competitive and Improve Renewable Energy Skills. Bespoke training for staff sets companies apart from the competition. More people than ever in the UK are deciding to insulate themselves from future rises in fossil fuel prices by installing renewable energy devices. Although this sounds like great news for the renewable energy sector as a whole, there exists fierce competition between firms working in what is a relatively young industry compared with
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    The Institute shares results of independent research on Global Energy Awareness ahead of COP26