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Latest Renewable Energy News from the Renewable Energy Institute. Working in partnership with the United Nations (UNEP) and major universities the REI is an Independent Professional Body that promotes best practice in renewable energy and energy efficiency through renewable energy training courses and global conferences.

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    Opportunities in the Renewables Industry – 2022 Outlook

    Renewable Energy Opportunities
    2022 is the year of Renewable Energy, and there has never been a better time to enter the sector. As highlighted at COP26 last year, governments around the world are heavily increasing funding for Renewable Energy projects. Nations have detailed ambitious climate targets, with decarbonisation and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions at the forefront. The result of this worldwide effort is an injection of funding and increased demand for trained Renewable Energy personnel. The REI delves into these opportunities in the industry with an outlook for 2022. “Wind power output is expected to increase drastically this year. Wind…
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    Fracking vs. Renewables?

    Shale gas extraction
    Learn about energy options with the  Green Energy Consultant Expert Certificate. For more information email or phone (UK) 0131 446 9479 The issue of ‘Hydraulic Fracturing’ or ‘Fracking’ for short, has always been a subject of controversy and media attention. Regarded as both a panacea to concerns about energy availability and prices and conversely as an ecologically damaging, polluting and unnecessary industry. Renewable energy technologies are also often seen in very binary terms; as either an ecological panacea or as money making scams that damage landscapes. The issue of fracking vs.
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    Renewable Energy Salaries: How Much Can You Earn in the Industry?

    Renewable Energy salaries are growing at a significantly faster rate than those in the oil and gas sectors [1]. With increased pressure to adopt Renewable Energy Technologies worldwide, combined with the decreasing costs of Renewable resources, it is no surprise that the industry is expanding rapidly. Governments around the world are rapidly increasing funding for Renewable Energy projects, as seen with the UK Government’s recent £285 million Renewable Energy support scheme [2]. Naturally, the number of jobs in the sector is sky-rocketing, and trained personnel are needed to fill the gaps. If you are looking to transition to the…
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    5 Benefits of Studying From Home

    studying from home
    As we move into 2022, the benefits of studying from home continue to be significant. With many aspects that make it a highly effective way of studying, it has never been easier to balance busy modern life and progressing your knowledge. Choosing to study remotely is therefore an excellent way to help progress your career in the growing Renewable Energy sector. Read on for 5 of the Renewable Energy Institute’s top reasons to study from home: 1. You Will Save Time Studying remotely means you do not have to spend time travelling to and from specific…
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    REI Alumni Spotlight – Paulina Rakowska, ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners

    Renewable Energy Institute Participant Quote
    GMC Certificate Achievers & REI Alumni Spotlight Director of Portfolio Management, ClimateCare, Paulina Rakowska The Renewable Energy Institute is pleased to focus on the achievements of those who have attended the REI’s accredited Renewable Energy courses and accomplished the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate to further their careers in the Green Energy sector. This month, the REI is delighted to speak with Paulina Rakowska, Director of Portfolio Management at ClimateCare and Natural Capital Partners, to hear about her experience studying the Renewable Energy Expert Certificate. Paulina is part of the Renewable Energy Institute’s global network of course participants from over 150 countries worldwide,…
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    Outcomes of COP26 Roundtable Hosted by The Renewable Energy Institute

    The Renewable Energy Institute is proud to present its expert-led Roundtable to highlight and discuss the key outcomes of the COP26 Summit, and the impacts on the Renewable Energy sector. In this Roundtable, esteemed panelists Jon Clipsham, John Wilson, Scott Sklar, Rohit San, and Bill Senior tackle a variety of hot topics in the industry. Did COP26 and the Glasgow Climate Pact deliver for the Renewable Energy and Low Carbon sectors? What does the summit mean for the future of Renewables? How can we as individuals contribute towards the goals set out in the Paris Agreement? Find out by watching…
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    Electric Vehicles are Transforming the Transport Industry

    Electric Car fix REI Renewable Energy Institute Training Education
    Electric Vehicles, and the opportunities they present, have changed dramatically in recent years. Only 8 years ago, the Electric Vehicle landscape in the UK was minimal. A total of 30,000 Electric Vehicles were on the road, and the number of charging points numbered in the small hundreds. Only four body styles were available: city cars, small family cars, small vans and sports coupés. Electric Vehicles were only a dot on the horizon, and only those who had expert knowledge in the field saw the growth that was coming. As the Electric Vehicles industry is evolving, expert knowledge regarding trends and technology enhances the career of professionals in the sector.
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    COP26 Overview: What happened at the Glasgow Summit

    The COP26 summit has come to an end after two weeks of negotiations amongst world leaders and global delegates. After lengthy discussions over the last few days of the event, the Glasgow Climate Pact has been finalised. The agreement is not legally binding but serves to set the global agenda on climate change over the next ten years. It aims to guide nations towards decarbonisation as part of a significant global transition. It is clear with the goals highlighted that Renewable Energy training will continue to be of vital importance to support critical Renewable projects. Read on…
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    New Career Opportunities in Renewable Energy

    The Renewable Energy Institute
    The world is preparing for a Green Economic Recovery, with a just transition to a sustainable future for everyone. The REI reports on the range of new career opportunities that will be open to trained professionals worldwide as steps are taken towards global decarbonisation and climate neutrality. Following the economic challenges of the past months there has been an international call for a Green Economic Recovery that will create a stronger and more environmentally sound financial structure. Around the world, countries are assigning funds to improve energy efficiency and to expand the Renewable Energy sector.
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    COP26 Updates

    COP26 logo
    The Renewable Energy Institute is proud to report on the outcomes of the highly anticipated COP26 Conference in Glasgow as they unfold. Visit this page for regular COP26 updates, and for information on how each nation is pledging to reach its mid-century targets for decarbonisation and net-zero. 12th November – COP26 Day 12 – Closure of Negotiations As the COP26 summit draws to a close on the final day of negotiations, countries from around the world are making pledges to accelerate the phasing out of fossil fuels and to work towards decarbonisation. Renewable Energy Technologies have been at the…
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