New York Looks to Optimise Renewable Energy Output

Avangrid, a sustainable energy company affiliated with the Iberdrola Group, has unveiled a pilot initiative in collaboration with LineVision to optimise the capacity of its transmission lines for renewable energy in New York state.

This project aims to implement advanced monitoring systems for overhead transmission lines in the Hornell, N.Y. region. Its primary objective is to alleviate grid congestion by providing up-to-the-minute data on areas where additional power can be safely accommodated within the existing transmission infrastructure.

This enhanced data and visibility has the potential to facilitate the integration of more renewable energy resources into New York’s electrical grid, furthering the state’s clean energy objectives, according to both companies.

Traditionally, electric transmission lines have operated with “static” line ratings, which prescribe a line’s energy capacity based on conservative and fixed values, assuming specific weather conditions. However, by employing LineVision’s monitoring technology, Avangrid will gain access to real-time data. This dynamic information affords greater flexibility to safely increase the energy flow through the transmission lines in accordance with current conditions.

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The monitoring system offers “dynamic” line ratings, which determine the power lines’ capacity limits by considering real-time factors such as sag, temperature and weather forecasts. This results in more informed grid operations and an increased ability to carry power through the transmission lines, all without the need for significant grid upgrades, as stated by both companies.

As a crucial part of this effort, LineVision will collaborate with Avangrid’s electric utility subsidiary, New York State Electric & Gas, to deploy non-contact LiDAR sensors for monitoring overhead transmission lines. The ultimate goal is to expedite the adoption of renewable energy sources and align with the objectives outlined in the state’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA). These sensors will be installed on two specific transmission lines: one stretching from Elma (Erie County) to Strykersville (Wyoming County), and the other connecting Warsaw to Perry (both in Wyoming County).

Funding for this project was secured by Avangrid and LineVision in the second round of the NYSERDA’s Future Grid Challenge program. This initiative responds to a recommendation outlined in a Department of Public Service order released in January 2022, which called for the deployment of advanced transmission and distribution technologies to enhance transmission utilisation. The overarching aim is to support New York’s CLCPA goal of achieving 70% renewable electricity by 2030.