New UK Solar Park Begins Development of 8,900 Panels

A project to install 8,900 solar panels on roofs and car parks is under way in Portsmouth, UK, this week. Known as the Lakeside North Harbour project, in total there will be 1,820 panels installed across 5 buildings, as well as 7,015 solar canopies across 3 car parks. The amount of power generated will be enough to run 1,300 3-bedroom homes each year.

Once completed, the park will be one of the largest solar panel canopy projects in the UK and would reduce the country’s carbon footprint by more than 860 tonnes annually. The project is expected to be completed by Autumn 2024.

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The development will be funded by Portsmouth’s Low Carbon Projects Fund. According to the city council, the power generated from the project will be enough to power all 55 businesses at the site.

Cabinet member for climate change and greening the city, Kimberley Barrett states, “to begin working on possibly the largest solar canopy project in the UK is a great step in coming closer to our goal of Net Zero by 2030 and using greener energy in the city.” 

Aside from the panels, the project also includes battery storage for excess energy as well as electric vehicle charging points. Portsmouth city council is planning on having around 40,000 installed solar panels across the city by the end of 2024.