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New Route to enter the Clean Energy Industry

United Nations (UNDP)

The skills and knowledge obtained through attending are crucial for both my current role and future career.

Nar Bahudur Khatiwora
United Nations (UNDP)

University of Guelph

I gained with information I’ll be able to apply to decisions I make regarding the procurement of renewable energy.

Nancy Jones
BNY Melon


I actually managed to get a promotion off the back of my new skills I have gained studying these courses!

Jose Jiminiz-Garcia

New Route to enter the Clean Energy Industry: Master in Renewable Energy Award

In order to meet the growing demands of the industry by demonstrating competency in a wide range of renewable energy technologies, an increasing number of professionals and students are working towards the Master in Renewable Energy Award.

Designed to upskill individuals from all backgrounds into the clean energy sector, the Master in Renewable Energy Award has quickly received high visibility due to its accessibility and Innovative Learning methods. The Award has been created in response to calls from professionals and students within the clean energy sector who need to differentiate themselves in a competitive job market and broaden their knowledge of the fast-growing Renewables industry.

The Programme can be completed over a period of 18 months and has been designed with Industry Experts in order to suit the needs of today’s busy professionals. For this reason, the Award can be completed entirely through online learning.

Participants from 105 countries are currently accessing the distance learning programmes: the courses can be studied from participants’ remote locations, and video lessons can be watched and reviewed at their convenience. Alternatively, participants can choose a combined method of study, where a proportion of the training is conducted in well-known universities worldwide.

Delegates must achieve an internationally recognised Certificate for at least 9 of the 12 Course modules within the training programme, although participants have the option to study all 12 to gain the greatest depth of understanding of the renewables industry. Courses within the Programme include Solar Photovoltaics, Renewable Energy Management and Finance and Wind Power, the full list can be viewed at the designated Master Award Page:

Participants have responded well to the flexibility that online learning can provide, not only due to the ability to study in the evenings and at weekends but also the compatibility of the video lessons, which are available to view on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, with supporting course materials.

To support participants through the Programme, the REI also offers the online Resource Centre, which is available to all alumni and current students. The Resource Centre is filled with technical articles, webinars and other useful online tools which can be used to support the teaching and further the learning of all delegates. This is designed to support participants further in their careers, and consequently access is unlimited for delegates.

Completion of the Programme requires a pass rate of at least three quarters of the total modules. Participants will achieve an internationally recognised Certificate for each of the Modules that they pass, plus the Master Award Certificate and the exclusive Achiever Logo. Completion of the Programme also ensures automatic entry to the EnergyCPD Professional Membership Programme at the highest level of Membership.

Find out more information on the Master in Renewable Energy Award here: 

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Master in Renewable Energy Award

Master in Renewable Energy Award

The Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award (18 month global study programme) is available to study in the classroom, or at home, from the office and on-the-go.

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