New Jersey Launches Nation-Leading Wind Power Project

New Jersey Wind Farm

Wind power developers have announced the launch of 4 new collaborative wind power facilities off the coast of New Jersey. Built 37 miles from Atlantic City, the projects currently aim to supply enough power for up to 1,500,000 homes.

The 4 new wind farms are more than twice the distance out to sea compared to previous installations. Local New Jersey residents have voiced their concerns of having wind farms too close to the coast, meaning they would be visible from the popular beaches. Instead, the developers have proposed that they are built so far out that they cannot be seen anywhere on the coastline.

Community offshore wind is the name of the joint venture between Germany based RWE and New York based National grid – together, they have secured the first bid for the first project.

Doug Perkins, president and project director for Community Offshore Wind, comments on the development, “the potential to transform New Jersey into a nation-leading clean energy development, training and manufacturing hub.” 

The US has the potential to become one of the leading renewable energy industries throughout the world. With access to huge swathes of land and sea for future developments, the success of these New Jersey installations could spell the beginning of a renewable energy revolution in the Americas.

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The second bid was secured by Chicago based Invenergy and New York based EnergyRE. Their project is larger in scope, with their facility being 40 miles off the coast with the potential to power up to 1 million homes. Their collaboration focused on their American roots and ownership, homing in on the benefits to the local and national US economy.

The third bid was secured by Shell New Energies US and EDF Renewables North America. However, they are yet to disclose how many turbines will be installed and the expected power generation from their facility.

These new projects come alongside two existing wind farm projects that have already been approved in New Jersey. Developed by Danish company Orsted, they are the worlds leading wind farm developers and have set the stage for New Jersey’s hopeful rise to a clean energy leader within the US.