National Grid calls for ‘bold overhaul’ of UK’s energy grid regulation

The National Grid has reported profits of £4.5 billion this financial year as it comes under fire for repeated delays in clean power generation. Currently, any developers or projects applying for green energy grid connection must wait more than a decade for approval. A rise in solar power alternatives could tackle the slow pace of the industry’s transition.

The National Grid Executive, John Pettigrew, claims that policies that were suitable in the past are now “not fit for purpose for the future.” Pettigrew calls for mass regulatory changes to allow for a swift transition over to green energy. As the National Grid places blame within the regulatory system, Ofgem’s Chief Executive, Johnathan Brearly, cites the National Grid as the cause of delays. Brearly criticises their projects as “blocking ready-to-go solar, wind and other renewable schemes.”

With huge leaps in energy bills over the past year for many UK residents, Pettigrew’s claims seem shallow as he pockets £5.5 million for the 2022 financial year while the average household’s expenditure skyrockets. Pettigrew states that the National grid plans to work closely with the government and regulators to “drive the energy transition forward, achieving positive change for our communities and consumers, and a clean, fair and affordable energy future for all.” This drive would mean that more trained personnel will be needed to push forward the energy transition nationwide.

Solar power and solar panel installation, whilst still requiring access to the National Grid in many cases, is seeing a rise in usage across both commercial and residential. With only 1,550 certified solar panel installers within the UK, the delays in real change from the National Grid could be negated in part if more businesses moved over to this energy alternative. With savings of up to £480 per year per household, solar panels could provide a much-needed respite from rocketing energy bills for many people within the UK.

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