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Progress your career and gain Master Status

In order to maintain or progress your REI membership, you are required to complete various CPD Activities for Progression.

You may find that current activities you are already doing count towards your CPD and membership progression.

Members are required to record the duration and keep documentation of their CPD activities (each piece of evidence should include your name and the duration of the activity in hours). This is then submitted to the Membership team who will review the evidence and if successful, award Full Membership (MREI) or Master Status. You will need to record 30 hours of CPD Activities in order to reach the next level of membership or maintain your current level of membership.

The CPD Framework covers activities which contribute towards your professional development. This can include private research and study, completing training courses or attending conferences or events.

The range of approved activities are listed below

We are able to provide some of the CPD Activities for progression through the Renewable Energy Institute, which you will be able to carry out as part of the Programme.

Training Courses

Achieve the Galileo Master Certificate by completing a wide range of approved and accredited courses held at major universities. Run by the Renewable Energy Institute and taught by university lecturers, professors and experts with many years of experience, these training courses enable you to further develop skills and knowledge within various sectors of Renewable Energy.

(Evidence required: original photocopy or scan of the certificates achieved, these must include the date the event was held and your name.)

Distance Learning – Online

Online distance learning courses for busy professionals, available globally. Taught by university lecturers and leading experts, distance learning offers a wide variety of interactive activities.

(Evidence required: original photocopy or scan of the distance learning certificates achieved, these must include the date the event was held and your name.)


European and international conferences are regularly organised by the Renewable Energy Institute with the United Nations (UNEP), universities and associations. Attendance at these conferences offers the opportunity to network, keep up to date with the latest technological developments and meet key players in the industry. Please note that this category only allows you to claim up to 10 hours of CPD per year.

Articles and Papers

Write and have relevant articles or journal papers published. Stay up to date by reading relevant journals and publications. For example, the official online journal of the Renewable Energy Institute will allow you to keep track of the latest research and industry news. Please note that this category only allows you to claim up to 10 hours of CPD per year.

(Evidence required: original photocopy or scan of the papers and articles written or references of articles read. These must include the title, name and date of publication.)


Complete relevant CPD professional courses related to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

(Evidence required: original photocopy or scan of the certificates and qualifications achieved, these must include dates the qualification was awarded and your name.)


Tutor and coach other individuals in an area of renewable energy, engineering, management, finance or computing, as part of a collaborative learning or tutoring programme. This should be aimed at sharing knowledge and skills with other industry professionals. Please note that this category only allows you to claim up to 10 hours of CPD per year.

(Evidence required: original photocopy or scan of a letter written by the person/professional who has been coached, this must include dates and must include your name.)

How do I submit my CPD activity log and evidence?


Once a year, you will need to send the following:

  • A log stating the relevant activities you have accomplished
  • Duration in hours of each activity
  • Supporting evidence relating to each of the activities accomplished
  • Payment of the membership renewal fee (£210). You can make payment here

Download your CPD Activities for Progression Log

PLEASE NOTE: do not send any original documents, as these will NOT be returned. Please only send copies of the original documents.

You can send a copy of the above by emailing

What is CPD?

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a professionally recognised term for improving, updating and developing skills, knowledge and experience relevant to your professional work.

Progressing your CPD is crucial to ensuring continuous effectiveness and efficiency, particularly within the fast-evolving renewable energy industry.

For this reason, the Renewable Energy Institute has developed a Professional CPD Framework to allow you to improve your own CPD skills and knowledge these specialised areas.

You can also get in touch via email: or call +44 (0)131 446 9479 to speak to an advisor.