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Renewable Energy Institute Membership is a funded Programme, approved by the Renewable Energy Institute to award industry status, reward professional development and to aid career progression. The Programme is based in the UK, with 1000s of members joining from all over the world – find out why.

*Membership awarded to those who demonstrate proficiency by submitting relevant supporting evidence.

Why join the REI Membership Programme?

Professionals within the Renewable Energy industry must constantly work to keep up to date with new technologies to remain at the forefront of their fields. The CPD programme has been established to help professionals working in these industries fully develop their skills and proficiency.

By completing a series of CPD Activities you will be able to progress through the Programme, achieve Affiliate and Full Membership and be awarded Master Status.

Membership and Mastership Status awarded *

Join leading industry experts and professionals

Applications open to all professionals and students

Aimed to help you progress your career

Enrolment onto a leading Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme


How to Apply for Professional membership

Full Membership (MREI)

How to achieve and maintain Full Membership Status (MREI)

Awarded to those with a background in a relevant industry wishing to progress their skills and knowledge further

Gain Full Membership if you have one or more of the following:

  • You hold a relevant Honours or Masters Degree (or equivalent)
  • You have a minimum of 3 years work experience in a relevant sector
  • You have completed a Renewable Energy Institute course or a Consultant Expert Certificate

To apply for Full Membership (MREI), complete the Application Form and send to the Membership Committee, including any relevant documentation.

Master Status

Renewable Energy Institute - Master Status

How to achieve Master Status

Awarded to those who demonstrate ongoing commitment to developing their skills and expertise

If you are already an MREI, you are required to complete 30 hours of CPD activities in one year.

Gain Master Status automatically if:

  • You have achieved four Expert Certificates.
  • You have achieved the Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award.

You must complete 30 hours of CPD Activities for every subsequent year thereafter to maintain your Master Status.

See below to learn more about Master Status.

Master Status

The Master Status is the highest accolade awarded by Renewable Energy Institute Membership for those who are existing Full Members (MREI) and have also completed a minimum of one year of CPD training as part of the CPD Programme.

To Qualify for Master Status you need:

To have been elected a Full Member (MREI)


To show commitment to your professional development by having completed one full year of the CPD programme, which includes submission of 30 hours of CPD activities.


You can gain automatic Master Status if you have achieved four Expert Certificates. This can be achieved through Distance Learning and Classroom training programmes.


You can gain automatic Master Status if you have achieved the Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award.

Once the above criteria have been met, you will achieve Master Status and be awarded with the Master Certificate.

To reflect the demands and changes within the engineering, management and finance sectors, Mastership Status is required to be maintained each year. You must complete 30 hours of CPD Activities per year during every subsequent year in order to retain the status. A log stating the relevant activities accomplished must be submitted once a year.

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