Make 2024 the ‘Year of Renewables’ with REI’s Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award

After COP28’s agreement to transition away from fossil fuels, many have hailed 2024 as the year of renewables. In the US, they are forecasting a growth of 17% for sustainable energy, with this accounting for a quarter of electricity generation by the end of the year. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that the next 5 years will see the fastest growth yet for renewable energy.[1]

In order to bring about this growth and the overall transition away from fossil fuels, a global network of highly skilled renewable energy professionals is required. Whether you are interested in starting a new career in renewables, or advancing your existing role, the REI’s Accredited Master in Renewable Energy Award is one of the best options on the market.

With a whole host of benefits to help you both during and after your studies, read on to see how the Master Award pathway can help you.

Benefits of Studying the Master in Renewable Energy Award with REI


Designed to fit around existing commitments and busy lives, the Master Award pathway is a flexible way to study. You will be provided with 18 months to complete 12 courses, with the option to extend your enrolment if life gets in the way. All courses are accessible worldwide, so you can study from anywhere with an internet connection.

There’s no need to put your career or life on hold while completing your studies, you can even take the exams whenever you want within your enrolment period, via our innovative online learning platform.

Broad Subject Area

With the Master Award, you gain access to 15 of our accredited courses, covering a wide range of renewable energy and energy efficiency subjects. You need to complete a minimum of 12 courses in order to gain the overall award, meaning you can choose the areas that interest you the most.
From renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar power, to conceptual subjects such as management and finance, the pathway will provide you with the core knowledge required to excel in any area of the sector. All courses are updated on a regular basis in line with lecturer recommendations and industry advancements.

renewable energy training courses

If you find after your studies that you want to specialise in a certain area, we can help with this too, with our selection of more advanced courses on selected subjects.

Learn From a Team of Industry Experts

Our courses are taught by industry experts with years of experience in the renewables industry.
You can read more about this here.

With full payment*, you will have the option to attend 3 of your courses in the Live Virtual Classroom. These take place on selected dates via zoom and provide the opportunity to ask our experts questions during the course. It also allows for you to network with the other like-minded participants on the course. Not only will you gain knowledge on the subject but also connections in the industry, which can be invaluable when launching your career.
*Please note Virtual Classrooms are not available when paying by instalment.

Alternatively, optional online tutorials with all of our experts are also available for an additional cost.


LearnDash GMC Template
Example GMC Certificate

For each exam that you complete as part of your Master Award studies, you will receive a Galileo Master Certificate (GMC). Awarded globally since 1975, the GMC is internationally recognised as evidence of knowledge in the renewables and energy efficiency sector.

With the Master Award, you can achieve up to 15 GMCs, as well as the overall Master in Renewable Energy Award Certificate. Your GMCs will be immediately available to download via your online learning account after passing the exam. We will also provide you with the GMC logo for adding to email signatures and LinkedIn Profiles so you can share your achievements with your network and gain industry recognition.

If you are worried about the exams themselves, please don’t be! Each exam lasts no longer than 30 minutes and is based on multiple-choice questions designed to test your core knowledge of the subject. The exams are also open-book so you can keep your notes with you. You will be provided a pass or fail grade immediately with the option to resit if required. Each course also provides practice questions so that you know what to expect.

After Your Studies

Professional Membership Programme

Everyone who completes the Master Award pathway will receive one year of Master status membership with the REI, free of charge. We will continue to support your career after your studies with a range of membership benefits including:

  • Full Member (MREI) or Mastership status available providing status and recognition within the renewable energy industry as well as recognition for your professional development.
  • Membership logo and personalised certificate to display on your email signature, CV and LinkedIn Profile.
  • Access to the Institute’s monthly membership bulletin with industry expert insights, early access to our latest articles, discounts on selected courses and news of job opportunities in the industry.
  • Access to our REI Professional Membership LinkedIn group; a place for professionals in the renewable energy industry or with similar interests to share their insights and experiences, ask for guidance and build valuable connections.

You can read more about our Professional Membership Programme here.

Employment Opportunities

The renewables sector provides more than 13 million jobs globally[2], offering secure and varied roles with high salaries. If you have been considering a career change, now is a great time to make the switch. You can read more about employment opportunities in the renewables sector in our article here.

Historically, solar energy has provided the most employment opportunities. However, predictions suggest that 2024 will see a strong focus on energy storage, electrification of transport and energy efficiency, all of which you will have the chance to study with the REI.

Your Master in Renewable Energy Award will place you ahead of the curve when applying for jobs in the renewables sector by demonstrating your commitment to continuous development and broad knowledge base. When applying for jobs, if you require a transcript or supporting letter to confirm your studies simply email and we will be happy to help.

While you remain an REI Member, we will also share a selection of available opportunities via our trusted partner AltGen.

AltGen Renewable Energy Recruitment

The Master Award in a Real World Setting

Previous Master Award participants have gone on to use their knowledge in a variety of ways. From working on major infrastructure projects, to consulting on renewable energy projects, participants across the world have used the pathway to further their career in the sector.

You can read more about how others have gone on to use their studies below:

We hope that you now know everything you need to know about the Master in Renewable Energy Award. However, if you have further questions we would love to hear from you! Simply fill out the form below, call us on +44 (0)131 446 9479 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm UK time) or email us at You can also access our online learning FAQs here.

    We intend to keep you informed about current and future study opportunities using the contact details you provide above.