London Weather to Become as Hot as Southern France if Climate Crisis Continues

Nice, France

The Met Office has warned that should the current climate crisis continue, London will become as hot as Nice, France, during summertime within 50 years. According to Jeff Knight, lead of the forecaster’s climate variability team, the estimated temperature increase for southern England is an increase of 4C by 2070.

When discussing 2022’s record breaking heatwave, Knight states, “despite the events of July last year, 40C days are still considered rare, but by … 2070 then we could be thinking about those kinds of temperatures occurring every five years.”

He goes on to add, “if we think about a four-degree temperature increase, that would be like transforming the climate of London, the summer temperatures of London, into something like historically we might have seen in Nice.”

Despite the soaring temperatures and climate crisis, London and the UK in general will still see more variability than Mediterranean weather. Intense rainfall is also predicted to rise, alongside more frequent heatwaves due to climate change. Will Lang, head of situational awareness at the Met Office, stated that another heatwave similar in magnitude to 2022’s is a possibility. These comments came after the Met Office suggested the UK has more than double the chance of having exceptionally hot weather across June, July, and August.

Effects of El Niño

The arrival of El Niño, a Pacific weather pattern reflecting warming temperatures on the surface of the ocean, could also contribute to much warmer weathers in the UK this year. The last time it occurred in 2015 and 2016, there were droughts, crop failures and extended dry seasons across the globe – hitting countries and regions like the Amazon, Caribbean, and Australia.

The impact of El Niño on the UK is difficult to confirm at this point, but generally it can lead to milder, and wetter starts to winter plus colder and drier ends. Jeff Knight, Met Office lead forecaster of climate vulnerability, commented on this weather event, stating, “at the moment our modelling is kind of suggesting that there is indeed a possibility it could be a near-record event and that is definitely within the envelope of possibility.”

Rising temperatures and heatwaves show that the world is still clearly at the whims of climate change. With fossil fuel usage still being the main source of energy across the globe, the only solution to this issue is the quick and successful transition to green alternatives. Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydrogen and other forms of Sustainable Energy can unlock the key to achieving a global net zero. The Renewable Energy Institute offers many Expert Pathways designed to allow businesses and professionals to tap into these energy alternatives.