Japan sees major investment into hydrogen energy supply

JERA, the largest power generation company in Japan, has announced an investment of over $6 billion into ammonia and hydrogen fuel supplies by 2035. The company have stated that renewable sources, such as wind and solar, don’t yet generate enough energy for Japan’s needs.

Renewable energy in Japan

JERA have also said that the ammonia and hydrogen fuel supply are critical to Japan’s decarbonisation, due to land limitations and the intermittent nature of some renewables.

The company’s focus will be on blue and green hydrogen. Blue hydrogen is produced using natural gas that does lead to carbon emissions, but those emissions are captured and stored to substantially reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.  On the other hand, green hydrogen is produced using water electrolysis that is powered by renewable energy such as solar and wind.

The energy giant has announced the goal of this boost in ammonia and hydrogen supply is to produce up to 7 million metric tons of hydrogen by 2035 in what they say will enable the company to “pioneer the global hydrogen and ammonia value chain.”

JERA also plans to go beyond this project and explore other means of renewable energy, but its intention is to also aim for greater profit by exporting either or both energy sources to companies in Singapore and Germany. These 2 countries have a strong interest in developing a hydrogen supply but must depend on imports in order to meet their own power needs.

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