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If you are encountering IT issues on one of our distance learning courses, please ensure that your web browser is up to date (you can check this here). If your browser is up to date, please try to access the videos on another web browser (we recommend Google Chrome, but you can also try Firefox or Internet Explorer).

The above suggestions should solve the issue you are experiencing, however, if your videos are loading slowly, or stopping to buffer often, you can try switching the video quality – In the quality menu, choose ‘Auto’ which will automatically choose the best quality of video for your internet connection.

We recommend also closing out of excess tabs or applications which you don’t need while you are watching course videos, as these can make video playback (and your computer) slower.

Our video service is provided by Vimeo, who have additional guidelines to help if you are experiencing video playback issues.

Please also ensure that you also have the following minimum system specifications:

The ability to view and listen to online videos
The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (to view PDF)
Skype installed and working on your computer (for your optional one-to-one tutorial and exam)
A working webcam, microphone and speakers/headphones (test these using Skype)
An internet connection capable of supporting Skype video/audio, and video streaming

If the problem persists once you have tried the above, please send a screen shot of the issue you experience to, so that our IT team can investigate further.

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