Ireland announces the launch of breakthrough new wind and solar data management platform

BrightWind, an Irish based company, have recently announced the launch of a new data management platform for the renewables industry. This online platform, named BrightHub, should help to reduce the time and cost usually required to manage solar and wind power data and generally improve efficiency across the sector.

The platform has been in development since 2022 and required a €390,000 grant from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has also adopted the model used by the platform meaning that it is now internationally recognised. As a result, the platform will improve collaboration and knowledge sharing by providing global access to datasets.

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The platform, and the standard data format it provides, will also open up further opportunities for automated data analysis via artificial intelligence and machine learning. Stephen Holleran, Director of BrightWind highlighted this by saying, ‘the development of the WRA Data Model, on which we built BrightHub, makes AI possible for wind analysis and represents a step change in how wind analysis will be done in the future.’

You can access BrightHub here: 

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