India Unveils Plans For Largest Sustainable Power Plant on Earth

Indian company, Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL) have announced their intention to build a renewable energy power plant that will cover 200 square miles, meaning that it will be the world’s largest power plant. According to reports, its vast size means it will even be visible from space! More importantly, due to its expected output, it is hoped that it can supply the required energy for 16 million homes.

The plant will be constructed on desert ground in Gujarat, Western India, using land that has previously been unused and uninhabited. As such, this means that any objections to use of the land can be minimised. AGEL have named the plant Khavda Renewable Energy Park and expect construction to be completed by 2029. It is estimated that the project will cost $20 billion.

AGEL are an affiliate of the wider Adani Group, who were originally India’s largest coal importer and miner. Nevertheless, in recent times the company have been moving further towards renewable energy. India itself is still very heavily reliant on coal but the current government have set a target to have a 50/50 energy mix between renewables and fossil fuels by 2030, plus a wider goal of reaching net zero by 2070.

It is estimated that India’s energy consumption will increase rapidly over the next 30 years, with an already significant need for air conditioning being worsened by climate change. As a result, new sources of power are needed to support this increase. Adani Group themselves have commented on this stating, “there is no choice for India but to start doing things at a previously unimagined size and scale.”

In conjunction with the Khavda Renewable Energy Park, India also have other significant renewable projects planned. Earlier this year, the Indian Government opened up bids for offshore wind projects with a combined capacity of 4GW. Despite, India’s reluctance to commit to renewable energy targets at COP28 in 2023, these recent development mark a positive shift for the country, for the renewables sector and the climate.

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