Hundreds of Professionals Awarded Renewable Energy Expert Status

224 professionals were awarded internationally recognised renewable energy certificates last summer, by attending courses held at Edinburgh Napier University. Funding has enabled participants to receive discounts on courses (to find out about the next Renewable Energy courses CLICK HERE) organised by the Renewable Energy Institute, as well as opportunities for fully-funded pathways (pathway courses available for expert certificate can be found by clicking here).

The Renewable Energy Institute (REI) works alongside the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to promote best practice in renewable energy to a wide spectrum of professionals and technicians as well as those aspiring to work in the environmental sector.

Working with 18 universities, the REI’s courses provide training in Solar, Green, Wind, Carbon technologies, Finance and Management of renewable energy. Around 5000 individuals are trained every year in Europe, each of whom are offered the chance to gain the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate, if successful on passing the exam.

Participants of the courses want to make a real change to the community, by applying what they learnt to their daily work; a participant from Community Development & Sustainability said “participation on the course improved my knowledge in order to advise and educate in the community”.

Another participant, who owns an electrical firm, said “The course has broadened my knowledge in this field. It has also given me the confidence to undertake projects in central Africa”.

Other participants gained the skills to start a career in the renewable energy sector, a managing director from Glasgow said “Thanks to this course I can now contribute towards the renewable energy industry!”.

Training is led by industry experts and academics from various universities. Courses also work as a consultancy, with an emphasis on interaction between participants and lecturers.

The aim of the courses is to reach a variety of people from different backgrounds and with varying levels of experience. Participants range from those with a technical background such as software engineers and architects to sales and advisory personnel. Many are simply looking to expand their knowledge or gain the workable skills needed to enter the renewable energy field.

With places filling up for the autumn programme, it’s a good idea to book in advance. To find out more about both upcoming courses, bespoke training and funding opportunities, visit

For more information: Renewable Energy Institute (REI)

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