Greta Thunberg Attends Last School Strike for Climate Change

Greta Thunberg has taken part in her final school strike on Friday 9th June, but promises that her fight has “only just begun”. Her protests began as a solo school project each Friday. Since then, she has gone on to inspire worldwide activism and has quickly rose to fame and become a household name within climate change.

Thunberg has led many to take an active role within the fight against climate change. Her hard-hitting speeches and evocative rhetoric captivated the world back in 2019. Since then, millions of young people across the globe have joined the cause, flooding the streets in over 180 countries. Greta Thunberg is perhaps the perfect example of what the dedication of one single person can achieve. Her activism and passion led to more open discourse around climate change and brought a whole new generation into the fray.

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Greta Thunberg goes on to talk about her last day of school strikes and the value of being vocal regarding climate change, “We who can speak up have a duty to do so. To change everything, we need everyone.” She goes on to add, “I’ll continue to protest on Fridays…We simply have no other option than to do everything we possibly can. The fight has only just begun.”

Wildfires in Cannich, Scotland

As the wildfires rage across many parts of the globe and summer temperatures are soaring in Europe, Thunberg’s words could not be any more significant. Whilst all it can take is one person to energise thousands more, she states that her movement alone is not enough to bring about a carbon net-zero world. “It’s not going to take a million children skipping school. There isn’t one solution which is going to solve everything.” To reach the world’s climate change goals, we need to mobilise the inspired masses to mount the pressure on fossil fuel users.

Thunberg comments on being part of a major movement, stating “To feel that you’re a part of something bigger, and that you can be a part of a movement that has so much impact on the world…It’s an amazing feeling and I wish more people could feel like that.” She assures that this will not be the end of her activism and will continue to fight climate change across the globe.