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Meeting at the Parliament
Meeting at the Parliament – from the left – Paolo Buoni Director, Renewable Energy Institute (REI); Enrico Buoni General Director, Centro Studi Galileo; Jim Mather, Energy Minister Scottish Parliament; Dr Shende, Head OzonAction, United Nations Environment Programme.

In a meeting at Parliament, the Renewable Energy Institute and the United Nations discuss the future of renewable energy for the country and the creation of green jobs with Energy Minister Jim Mather.

To support green jobs, a green economy and the Green New Deal the REI has created a Skills Alliance, to provide their internationally recognised Certificate to training course participants to help them enter the green job market.

For information on how to obtain the Certificate,
visit the REI training course page.

The Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) is awarded to successful participants of short professional training courses, on a wide range of topics related to the Renewable Energy, Engineering, Management and Finance sectors.

The Skills Alliance led by the Renewable Energy Institute (REI) brings together leading lecturers, course leaders and experts in the renewable energy field whose areas of expertise include: management, finance, cutting-edge technical knowledge, contracting, maintenance, system design, management, investment for renewable technology.

The meeting lead to a Skills Alliance to support green jobs
The meeting lead to a Skills Alliance to support green jobs, this resulted in the 14th European Conference on Renewable Energy at Heriot-Watt University organised by the United Nations – UNEP and the Renewable Energy Institute – REI in January 2011.

Up to 5000 technicians succeed in obtaining the REI Certificate annually, with the knowledge that it is the gateway to a career in the renewable energy sector. Course topics include:

Click here for further information and the full training portfolio.

The United Nations Environment Programme and the Renewable Energy Institute are working together with governments and universities to promote training and education in renewable energy, to help people access jobs in renewable energy.

Rajendra Shende, Head, OzonAction, United Nations Environment Programme at the Renewable Energy Institute (REI) Conference at Heriot Watt University.

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