Green energy programme ‘Innovate Ukraine’ gets investment from UK government

A UK investment of £16 million plans to support 13 renewable energy projects across the Ukraine, aiming to rebuild their green energy system, whilst also eventually supporting post-war recovery and diminishing the use of fossil fuels.

In a statement, Ukrainian Minister of Energy, Herman Halushchenko, said: “We have a chance to demonstrate that the struggle for energy independence is a fight for the future. The green transition goes way beyond ecology or distributed generation. For Ukraine, this is a matter of national security. I am sure that the implementation of the project in the field of green technologies is of great importance for the future cooperation between Ukraine and the UK in the energy sector.”

Green energy programme ‘Innovate Ukraine’ gets investment from UK government

The projects receiving funding will begin their development over the next 2 years and will also receive support from an accelerator programme for further investment and to aid in the ease of market entry. One of the projects entails a collaboration between Aston University and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. They will work alongside other partners to improve space heating technology that will make heat pumps ‘significantly easier’ to implement within domestic heating systems.

Alongside this, Ukranian company R-Flo and the UK’s DpSun are developing a new energy storage technology which is intended to allow Ukraine to host a much greater amount of renewables in its future electricity grid. The venture plans to create and test a new form of scalable battery storage technology which is believed to be cheaper, simpler and less toxic than existing technologies. Future projects include a targeted approach to utilising Ukranian geothermal energy and working to enhance the country’s bioenergy sources.

“I am proud that the UK continues to support the recovery of the Ukrainian energy sector, particularly after recent brutal attacks from Russia. We want to see it greener and more resilient.” Martin Harris, the British Ambassador to Ukraine, said.

“Our support for these 13 innovations – which bring together the best of British and Ukrainian business, universities, and civil society – will help Ukraine recover in a more sustainable way. These projects showcase the depth and breadth of partnership between our countries.”

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