Five Reasons Why Green Energy Is the Best Financial Option

Renewable energy used to have a reputation of being costly and unreliable: not anymore. Recent studies show that green energy is taking over the energy market as the best financial option. Here are five reasons why:

1. Finance:

The costs for installing solar panels and wind turbines are lower than the cost of investing in new coal- or gas-fired plants in most countries worldwide, including the U.S., China, India, Germany and Australia. Prices have dropped dramatically for domestic solar panels in many countries, among them Tunisia, Morocco, and South Africa. A recent report states that green energy is the best financial choice already in many countries, and following that, renewables will be more cost-effective than fossil fuels globally by 2020, or 2030 at the very latest. Hydroelectric power currently has the lowest price out of sustainable energy sources on the market, closely followed by Biomass, Solar Photovoltaics and Wind Power.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to which Renewable Energy Solutions are best suited to cover the energy requirements for a specific purpose. While certain energy sources may seem to be the obvious option when planning a new energy project, energy experts’ advice is to make sure to get all the information available, as there might be other solutions which can work better and to a more advantageous price.

2. Safety:

Green energy offers a safe alternative to non-renewable sources, which are classed as high risk in all stages of production. The vast cost for environmental destruction is already becoming evident. Reports show that it is far more profitable to invest in renewables than combatting the risks that are involved in continuing running fossil fuelled plants. Today’s debate portrays climate change as a modern issue, but records show that scientists as far back as the late 19th century were worried that humans were becoming too dependent on short-term energy sources. Natural sustainable energy sources such as solar power and wind power were mentioned as alternatives that needed to be developed further, to prevent human beings from running out of resources.

3. Consistency:

Renewable Energy is not just the safer way to provide energy – with continuous improvements to green technology, it has also become a reliable way to supply power. Thanks to the development of methods such as Energy Storage, clean energy no longer needs to be affected by fluctuating weather conditions, so a consistent energy stream can be provided all year around. As the technology for renewable energy is continuously improving, many companies find the need to upskill their employees in order to stay on top of the changes.

4. Engagement:

Customers want renewable energy. For energy providers, showing that a company is conscious about the impact that their actions have on the environment has now become essential. Recent market research shows that the majority of customers are more likely to sign up with an energy provider that can offer a 100% green energy plan. The demand for companies to have a sustainability plan in place is not limited to energy providers alone; consumer surveys have demonstrated that regardless of which industry they operate in, companies that can prove that they are committed to improving their work for the environment are higher ranked than their competitors.

5. Endorsement:

As awareness about the current climate situation is spreading, governments and international organisations are looking into their policies of endorsement with the goal of entirely ending the use of fossil fuels. The European Investment Bank is just about to vote on a historic proposal which would put a stop to all financing of fossil fuels by 2020. Staying up to date with the change in government schemes and legislations around energy is becoming an important part of every company’s practice and responsibility of people working in the industry. Consultants in Renewable Energy are becoming even more attractive in the job market, as many companies are looking for advice on how to create strategies for future environmental improvements. A solid sustainability plan will optimise the capacity of every organisation and will ensure that green energy is the best financial option on the market.

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