Getting Ready for Renewable Energy

“Getting Ready for Renewable Energy- GND[i]”, an important international conference, took place in the Indian city of Pune[ii] in December 2009. By putting into practice the aims of the ‘Green New Deal’ – GND – it explored the opportunities for partnership between Europe and India in the expanding field of renewable energies. The GND is the solution to both the economic and environmental challenges the world faces today. Investment and development in new renewable technologies will both contribute to the reduction of climate change whilst creating economic growth through the trade and employment opportunities created. The conference was organised by the Renewable Energy Institute (REI), Centro Studi Galileo[iii], the Indian association TERRE[iv] and the Associazione Tecnici Italiani del Freddo[v]. Building upon the outcomes of the 13th European conference – which REI and CSG chaired in partnership with the United Nations earlier this year – this conference directly addressed the Indian Government’s desire to collaborate with international institutions to implement the ‘National Action Plan on Climate Change’. The action plan states that “Technology transfer in both Solar Thermal technologies and the PV technologies will be required in respect of cost effective and efficient technologies suitable for use in India. Support by entrepreneurs of Solar Thermal and Solar PV, both stand alone and distributed generation systems, in particular in remote locations, would help develop this sector”[vi] The Indian subcontinent is acknowledged as a key location for the renewable energies sector, both for its rapidly expanding renewable technologies market – expected to exceed that of its neighbour China – and also because of the pressing physical realities of climate change which are evident in their local environment[vii]. India plans to revolutionise the way it generates, transports and uses energy for the well being of the people. The technologies in the field of renewable energy are advancing fast and government policies are creating the conditions to ensure societal penetration. The partnership between Europe and India established at this conference ensures this unique opportunity results in the maximum environmental and economic benefits for both continents. Scheduled just days after the UN global summit on climate change, “Getting Ready for Renewable Energy” provided real tangible solutions to the environmental challenges both in India and worldwide. Whilst politicians discuss the wider context of these changes, this conference demonstrates the affirmative actions renewable businesses can take today to implement the GND, reap the financial benefits and create a sustainable energy future for us all. The conference also marks the inauguration of the “Centre for Technology, Education, Research and Rehabilitation for the Environment” in Pune. This joint Renewable Energy Institute/CSG/TERRE project will ensure the success of GND in India by developing the commercial and knowledge partnerships between Europe and India across the field of renewable energies.[i]

[i] “Getting Ready for Renewable Energy – GND” carries the auspices of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Ministry of The Environment and is expected to receive the auspices of The Indian Government [ii] Pune lies 166 km inland from Mumbai and is both and academic and technology hub for India [iii] Centro Studi Galileo (CSG) has 35 years experience in arranging courses in Energy and Climatization, and has organised 13 European conferences exploring the latest energy saving technologies – & [iv] TERRE – Centre for Technology, Education, Research and Rehabilitation for the Environment – [v] ATF – The Italian Association of Refrigeration [vi]See for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s letter about renewable energy promotion [vii] See Indian Ministry of the Environment – and BBC news report – Ready for Renewable Energy